Primavera in anticipo (It is my song) ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφρασηΑγγλικά

It is My Song

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I don't give for granted
anything I have
not even the smallest shivering, oh no
It's my fall at your feet
I sing when you are gone
I confess, you're the first motivation
now in me
for everythin good that there is
ah -a-a I know
you're spring in advance
the dimostration that
shows what effect you have on me
in this moment are clear
my moon my star my sun
that's why in my lungs the air is changing
by all means you are, you are...
everything good there is
ah-a-a I know
this spring in advace
ahahah the example that
shows what effect you have on me
flowers that grow from the spikes
outside here my mistakes make scars
It's doutlessly you the one who's responsible
for this spring that is in me
in me, in me
outside here
nell'autoscatto di noi
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Primavera in anticipo (It is my song)