Unknown Artist (English) - DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRİEND?



You shouldn't have done this to me
You shouldn't have stabbed me from the back like that
your going should have been honest like your coming
and your ending is very arrogant
come and see that you played this game in a bad way
your mask fell down earlier from your face
so it means that you weren't a giant that I made bigger inside me
you were nothing
and now you see
you're gone
and you're over
You shouldn't have done this to me
you shouldn't have destroyed me like this with a khanjar
your footsteps shouldn't have been an address of a treachery
how could you dirty our very pure(clean) love?
or did I know you wrong?
or were your seas always dirty like this?
now here is in my hands
An accomplice cinema ticket
a corner of pastry shop
A theater box office
you shouldn't have gone very cheaply
you shouldn't have spent this love in the smokes of cigarette
you shouldn't have made me appetizer for the executioner of love
Now if I found an empty grave
because of it loved you so much
I would bury my heart there
you shouldn't have done this to me
you shouldn't have offended me by my poems
you shouldn't have rained the red of blood on my nights
you shouldn't have broken the wings of my memories
you shouldn't have made me crazy
now your name sounds like betrayal for me
and your taste is like the most killer poison of a snake
I don't know
now which heart do you stick
your cruel handjar
don't forget that now you are like my forbidden books
after this
it's forbidden to get close for me
It's forbidden to touch
It's forbidden to hug you
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