Kıraç - Annem ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

  • Καλλιτέχνης: Kıraç (Ali Tufan Kıraç)
  • Άλμπουμ: Derindekiler - 2011
  • Τραγούδι: Annem
Αγγλικά μετάφραση


Beyond the snowy mountains there's estrangement
Cruelty of others won't end here, mom
I've heard that your tears have given up hope
Your son is burning in this estrangement, mom
Your longing spears through my heart every night
Black clouds over me, they mourn
I was going to come this summer, fall had passed
Your son is sinking in this estrangement, mom
Rocky roads never end, they say
My sufferings won't end, mom
He who had suffered the cruelty of enstrangement knows it
My youth is being wasted, mom
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