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Autumn Dance

Aestival glories, shortlived things,
Now worthless scraps and dust
Dance 'way in sweeps of Boreas' wings
In death, dance as they must.
How did I honour summer's charms,
And take each given chance?
I fear, unlike these leaves' dead forms,
Too seldom did I dance!
Now I must dance, though summer's fled,
Dance more while life is flying,
Still dance while living, with the dead,
Dance living and dance dying.

Tansa tomn

Kiere estivau, hose esvemar,
Mantenint tespris et poser sin valours
Tansau tin palis ele Porea
Tin mortas, tansau kum teu.
Kument onoranst harmis asta,
Et sesinst hakuns hans tonat?
An pours, kuntrarment at vormes sa voulj mort,
Kus trop rarment ans tansat!
Isi ten tansar, supentunt asta a vuit,
Tansar pius tantis ku via vola,
Inkor tansar in vivint, ku mortis,
Tansar vivint et tansar morint.
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