Bir Sebebi Var ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

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There's a Reason

I'm drunk step aside,
I've suffered so much in her hands
Have you not drunk even once,
Whom did I wait?
I'm drunk, get the hell out of my way,
I'll walk on embers
I'll grow up just a bit more,
I'll entertain myself.
There's a reason, don't mind if it's empty,
Just pour another one.
It's necessary, trick him,
get your glass of wine!
What's pride's business in love?
She keeps beating herself up
Isn't there any peace left?
There's no wayward like you.
Stand tall,
Don't let people push you around.
Take a pen instead of sword.*
Don't feel sad because you're alone,
I'll drink in your place!
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Σχόλια συντάκτη:

*In this sentence "pen" represents "knowledge" and "sword" represents "aggression".

Note: some parts may not make any sense; that's because it doesn't make much sense in the song's original language, either.


Bir Sebebi Var

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