close at hand

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close at hand (Αγγλικά) — handy , within reach

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close at hand — very near

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close at hand — À portée de main ; tout proche.

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close at hand — πολύ κοντά

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close at hand — өте жақын, қол жетерлік шегінде

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Translations of "close at hand"

ΑγγλικάAt hand
ΓαλλικάAvoir à portée de main
Ισπανικάal alcance de la mano
Αγγλικά #1, #2, #3, Αραβικά, Ισπανικά #1, #2, Σέρβικα
ΙταλικάA portata di mano
ΚροατικάNa dohvat ruke

"close at hand" στους στίχους

The cold sky and cold Berlin
She’s not welcome in this town, ‘cause
Our social safety net didn’t catch her, ‘cause
The devil is close at hand ²
Life has never been easy for her
Isn’t there a little piece of happiness

Silbermond - When Will The Heavens Rip Open

It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain.

How I wish I could walk through the doors of my mind;
Hold memory close at hand,
Help me understand the years.
How I wish I could choose between Heaven and Hell.

James Blunt - Tears and Rain

(I'm gonna thrill ya tonight)
Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y'alls neighborhood

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Walking down this road
When my pulse beats slow,
Hope to have you close at hand.
When this cycle ends,
Will it start again?

James - Moving On

C'est plus que de simples mots: ce ne sont que des larmes et de la pluie.

How I wish I could walk through the doors of my mind;
Hold memory close at hand,
Help me understand the years.
How I wish I could choose between Heaven and Hell.

James Blunt - Des larmes et de la pluie

Please don't worry now that I have gone
I've gone beyond to see the truth

When you know that your time is close at hand
Maybe then you'll begin to understand
Life down there is just a strange illusion

Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

And beg you to come home

You don't have to say you love me
Just be close at hand
You don't have to stay forever
I will understand

Elvis Presley - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me

Well, I was wrong

Oh I hope, when you’re sleeping
Your guns are close at hand
Who knows who’s cheating
To steal your contraband

Skunk Anansie - I Believed In You

Forget, forget it all,
Let go of your senses.

I don't think separation is close at hand,
You don't either, but is this a trap?
My soul is not stone but it settles next to the flames.

Serdar Ortaç - Okyanus

If I don't die laughing first.

When Mr. Oogie boogie says
There's trouble close at hand
You'd better pay attention now
'Cause I'm the boogie Man.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) - Oogie Boogie's song

Believe me, believe me

You don't have to say you love me
Just be close at hand
You don't have to stay forever
I will understand

Dusty Springfield - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

I don't fear the setting sun
Or the twilight that it brings
Dark clouds fill the sky
My fate is close at hand
Today is the day that I die
Today I make my final stand

Amon Amarth - No Fear For The Setting Sun

I can say
The night is long but you are here
Close at hand, oh Im better for the smile you give
And while I live

Genesis - Follow you follow me

With every song begins a new dream
Of a small island
There good lies already close at hand
There is fortune there for all
Who build bridges from desire

Stefanie Hertel - With Every Song Begins a New Dream

Believe me, oh, believe me, oh

You don't have to say you love me
Just be close at hand
You don't have to stay forever
I will understand

Il Volo - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

His banner you did stand
'neath the shadow of his wing
Do you remember
Sorrow stands near an' close at hand
Sorrow stands an' in sorrow's hand
The burning ember

16 Horsepower - Cinder Alley

Everything is lost.
Torn by the arrival of Autumn.
The blink of an eye, you know it's me.
You keep the dagger close at hand.

And you saw nothing.

Opeth - Demon of the fall

Oh, you'll be aware now
The trial is near
It's close at hand
The masquerade is over
It ends

Blind Guardian - Curse My Name

We are wolves of the sea

Down to the core, we’re coming for more
With a sword close at hand
We are scary and bold, a chest full of gold
We can steal it when sighting land

Pirates of the Sea - Wolves Of The Sea

Girl I'm here
And I'll always be
There when you need me
Close at hand
Never far away
I'll be there for you

Foreigner - The Beat Of My Heart

I've been sitting here all day
Trying to understand
Why people want to rule each other
When the problem's close at hand

A little less of what you want

Anne Clark - The Power Game

on which I wear my most beautiful dresses
Let me be carefree and light as a feather
as I should
If the time is close at hand
And you forgot the weight of the world
for I will like you infinitely

Luttenberger*Klug - Summer day

The funny-face kid from down the street
Always very close at hand
He was just a cowboy, I was lady Gran
But I don't think I would have shot him down

Cher - If I Knew Then

There's a magic land, all our very own

It's ever close at hand, and our very own

Beyond the secret door there lies a garden fair

Jo Stafford - Our Very Own

A widow black lies in wait
In her cobweb that is silver made
The lady takes you to willows'end
And the harpenists play is close at hand

"Come to my fathomless pond

Noekk - The Watersprite

Where should I begin?
I'm delusioned by a clear crystal night
While trying to find some insight
The solution is close at hand,
Yet still so far away

Stratovarius - Tomorrow

And I'm always getting busted
And I got to take a stand
It appears the revolution
Must be mighty close at hand

Oh, oh, what you gonna do about me?

Quicksilver Messenger Service - What About Me?

Take the children and yourself
And hide out in the cellar
But now their fighting will be close at hand

Don't believe the church and state

Sandra - Silent Running

Every baby needs a mama, every baby
Needs a papa
Close at hand
Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa
To hold their hand

The Kelly Family - Every Baby

And even less about the place
From where she came

Every evening when the night is close at hand
You'll find the lady on the Rue d'Avignon
In a half lit hotel doorway the lady advertises warmly

Donna Summer - Lady of the Night

Take the children and yourself and hide out in the cellar.
By now the fighting will be close at hand.
Don't believe the state and everything they tell you.
Believe in me, I'm with the high command.

Mike + The Mechanics - Silent Running

Having thus completely blindfolded the Cabinet of Russia, Zebek-Dorchi proceeded in his new character to fulfil his political mission with the Khan of the Kalmucks. So artfully did he prepare the road for his favorable reception at the court of this Prince, that he was at once and universally welcomed as a public benefactor. The pensions of the counsellors were so much additional wealth poured into the Tartar exchequer; as to the ties of dependency thus created, experience had not yet enlightened these simple tribes as to that result. And that he himself should be the chief of these mercenary counsellors, was so far from being charged upon Zebek as any offence or any ground of suspicion, that his relative the Khan returned him hearty thanks for his services, under the belief that he could have accepted this appointment only with a view to keep out other and more unwelcome pretenders, who would not have had the same motives of consanguinity or friendship for executing its duties in a spirit of kindness to the Kalmucks. The first use which he made of his new functions about the Khan's person was to attack the Court of Russia, by a romantic villany not easy to be credited, for those very acts of interference with the council which he himself had prompted. This was a dangerous step: but it was indispensable to his further advance upon the gloomy path which he had traced out for himself. A triple vengeance was what he meditated--1, Upon the Russian Cabinet for having undervalued his own pretensions to the throne--2, upon his amiable rival for having supplanted him--and 3, upon all those of the nobility who had manifested their sense of his weakness by their neglect, or their sense of his perfidious character by their suspicions. Here was a colossal outline of wickedness; and by one in his situation, feeble (as it might seem) for the accomplishment of its humblest parts, how was the total edifice to be reared in its comprehensive grandeur? He, a worm as he was, could he venture to assail the mighty behemoth of Muscovy, the potentate who counted three hundred languages around the footsteps of his throne, and from whose 'lion ramp' recoiled alike 'baptized and infidel'--Christendom on the one side, strong by her intellect and her organization, and the `Barbaric East' on the other, with her unnumbered numbers? The match was a monstrous one; but in its very monstrosity there lay this germ of encouragement, that it could not be suspected. The very hopelessness of the scheme grounded his hope, and he resolved to execute a vengeance which should involve as it were, in the unity of a well-laid tragic fable, all whom he judged to be his enemies. That vengeance lay in detaching from the Russian empire the whole Kalmuck nation, and breaking up that system of intercourse which had thus far been beneficial to both. This last was a consideration which moved him but little. True it was that Russia to the Kalmucks had secured lands and extensive pasturage; true it was that the Kalmucks reciprocally to Russia had furnished a powerful cavalry. But the latter loss would be part of his triumph, and the former might be more than compensated in other climates under other sovereigns. Here was a scheme which, in its final accomplishment, would avenge him bitterly on the Czarina, and in the course of its accomplishment might furnish him with ample occasions for removing his other enemies. It may be readily supposed indeed that he, who could deliberately raise his eyes to the Russian autocrat as an antagonist in single duel with himself, was not likely to feel much anxiety about Kalmuck enemies of whatever rank. He took his resolution, therefore, sternly and irrevocably to effect this astonishing translation of an ancient people across the pathless deserts of Central Asia, intersected continually by rapid rivers, rarely furnished with bridges, and of which the fords were known only to those who might think it for their interest to conceal them, through many nations inhospitable or hostile; frost and snow around them, (from the necessity of commencing their flight in the winter,) famine in their front, and the sabre, or even the artillery of an offended and mighty empress, hanging upon their rear for thousands of miles. But what was to be their final mark, the port of shelter after so fearful a course of wandering? Two things were evident: it must be some power at a great distance from Russia, so as to make return even in that view hopeless; and it must be a power of sufficient rank to ensure them protection from any hostile efforts on the part of the Czarina for reclaiming them, or for chastising their revolt. Both conditions were united obviously in the person of Kien Long, the reigning Emperor of China, who was farther recommended to them by his respect for the head of their religion. To China, therefore, and as their first rendezvous to the shadow of the great Chinese Wall, it was settled by Zebek that they should direct their flight.

Next came the question of time; _when_ should the flight commence:--and finally, the more delicate question as to the choice of accomplices. To extend the knowledge of the conspiracy too far, was to insure its betrayal to the Russian Government. Yet at some stage of the preparations it was evident that a very extensive confidence must be made, because in no other way could the mass of the Kalmuck population be persuaded to furnish their families with the requisite equipments for so long a migration. This critical step, however, it was resolved to defer up to the latest possible moment, and, at all events, to make no general communication on the subject until the time of departure should be definitely settled. In the meantime, Zebek admitted only three persons to his confidence; of whom Oubacha, the reigning prince, was almost necessarily one; but him, from his yielding and somewhat feeble character, he viewed rather in the light of a tool than as one of his active accomplices. Those whom (if anybody) he admitted to an unreserved participation in his counsels, were two only, the great _Lama_ among the Kalmucks, and his own father-in-law, Erempel, a ruling prince of some tribe in the neighborhood of the Caspian sea, recommended to his favor not so much by any strength of talent corresponding to the occasion, as by his blind devotion to himself, and his passionate anxiety to promote the elevation of his daughter and his son-in-law to the throne of a sovereign prince. A titular prince Zebek already was: but this dignity, without the substantial accompaniment of a sceptre, seemed but an empty sound to both of these ambitious rivals. The other accomplice, whose name was Loosang-Dchaltzan, and whose rank was that of Lama, or Kalmuck pontiff, was a person of far more distinguished pretensions; he had something of the same gloomy and terrific pride which marked the character of Zebek himself, manifesting also the same energy, accompanied by the same unfaltering cruelty, and a natural facility of dissimulation even more profound. It was by this man that the other question was settled as to the time for giving effect to their designs. His own pontifical character had suggested to him, that in order to strengthen their influence with the vast mob of simple-minded men whom they were to lead into a howling wilderness, after persuading them to lay desolate their own ancient hearths, it was indispensable that they should be able, in cases of extremity, to plead the express sanction of God for their entire enterprise. This could only be done by addressing themselves to the great head of their religion, the Dalai-Lama of Tibet. Him they easily persuaded to countenance their schemes: and an oracle was delivered solemnly at Tibet, to the effect that no ultimate prosperity would attend this great Exodus unless it were pursued through the years of the _tiger_ and the _hare_. Now, the Kalmuck custom is to distinguish their years by attaching to each a denomination taken from one of twelve animals, the exact order of succession being absolutely fixed, so that the cycle revolves of course through a period of a dozen years. Consequently, if the approaching year of the _tiger_ were suffered to escape them, in that case the expedition must be delayed for twelve years more, within which period, even were no other unfavorable changes to arise, it was pretty well foreseen that the Russian Government would take the most effectual means for bridling their vagrant propensities by a ring fence of forts or military posts; to say nothing of the still readier plan for securing their fidelity (a plan already talked of in all quarters), by exacting a large body of hostages selected from the families of the most influential nobles. On these cogent considerations, it was solemnly determined that this terrific experiment should be made in the next year of the _tiger_, which happened to fall upon the Christian year 1771. With respect to the month, there was, unhappily for the Kalmucks, even less latitude allowed to their choice than with respect to the year. It was absolutely necessary, or it was thought so, that the different divisions of the nation, which pastured their flocks on both banks of the Wolga, should have the means of effecting an instantaneous junction; because the danger of being intercepted by flying columns of the Imperial armies was precisely the greatest at the outset. Now, from the want of bridges, or sufficient river craft for transporting so vast a body of men, the sole means which could be depended upon (especially where so many women, children, and camels were concerned,) was _ice_: and this, in a state of sufficient firmness, could not be absolutely counted upon before the month of January. Hence it happened that this astonishing Exodus of a whole nation, before so much as a whisper of the design had begun to circulate amongst those whom it most interested, before it was even suspected that any man's wishes pointed in that direction, had been definitively appointed for January of the year 1771. And almost up to the Christmas of 1770, the poor simple Kalmuck herdsmen and their families were going nightly to their peaceful beds without even dreaming that the _fiat_ had already gone forth from their rulers which consigned those quiet abodes, together with the peace and comfort which reigned within them, to a withering desolation, now close at hand.

Meantime war raged on a great scale between Russia and the Sultan. And, until the time arrived for throwing off their vassalage, it was necessary that Oubacha should contribute his usual contingent of martial aid. Nay, it had unfortunately become prudent that he should contribute much more than his usual aid. Human experience gives ample evidence that in some mysterious and unaccountable way no great design is ever agitated, no matter how few or how faithful may be the participators, but that some presentiment--some dim misgiving--is kindled amongst those whom it is chiefly important to blind. And, however it might have happened, certain it is, that already, when as yet no syllable of the conspiracy had been breathed to any man whose very existence was not staked upon its concealment, nevertheless, some vague and uneasy jealousy had arisen in the Russian Cabinet as to the future schemes of the Kalmuck Khan: and very probable it is--that, but for the war then raging, and the consequent prudence of conciliating a very important vassal, or, at least, of abstaining from what would powerfully alienate him, even at that moment such measures would have been adopted as must for ever have intercepted the Kalmuck schemes. Slight as were the jealousies of the Imperial Court, they had not escaped the Machiavelian eyes of Zebek and the Lama. And under their guidance, Oubacha, bending to the circumstances of the moment, and meeting the jealousy of the Russian Court with a policy corresponding to their own, strove by unusual zeal to efface the Czarina's unfavorable impressions. He enlarged the scale of his contributions; and _that_ so prodigiously, that he absolutely carried to head- quarters a force of 35,000 cavalry fully equipped; some go further, and rate the amount beyond 40,000: but the smaller estimate is, at all events, _within_ the truth.

Thomas De Quincey - Revolt of the Tartars

How could a love like ours come to an end
We had it all but lost it 'round the bend
There's something that I'll never understand
Why now it seems like hurting's close at hand

But I'm alone again, alone again

Jay-Jay Johanson - Alone Again

Into the blue, you and I
To the circus in the sky
Captain Kidd's on the sand
With the treasure close at hand
In the land of make believe
In the land of make believe

Bucks Fizz - The land of make believe

Only when you want it, babe
You tend to forget everything I've ever said
This middle ground is shaking I can barely stand
Girl that's why I always keep you close at hand

People have opinions, doesn't mean I have to listen

Wafia - Meet In The Middle

Along the road
That will take me far away
I think of desperate struggles and dream
Of freedom close at hand
I go along singing

Milva - Along the road

And you're right, you're outdated! It's time we Redesigned you!
You'll be strangled, leave you Mangle-d, then switch to Backstage view,
Where we took your useless body, and stuffed it in a real suit!
Your power's running low, keep your flashlight close at hand,
IT'S ME who's winning, Slender Man, teleport away while you can!

VideoGameRapBattles - Freddy Fazbear Vs Slenderman

Take the children and yourself
And hide out in the cellar
By now the fighting will be close at hand
Don't believe the church and state
And everything they tell you

Hidden Citizens - Silent Running

And pullin' weeds and pickin' stones
Man is made of dreams and bones
Feel the need to grow my own
'Cause the time is close at hand

And rain for grain, sun and rain

David Mallett - Garden Song

I have to try
The ghost of Icarus behind my eyes

The freezing end so close at hand
We have one shot for the future of man

Keldian - The Ghost of Icarus

I am enlightened, I have come
Just to lead the blind

Oh, no tar and no feathers with answers so close at hand
I'll drive you to madness, but that's what you want!

Xandria - A New Age

An elephant appeared and on the earth
He prepared for this huge fight
But close at hand, there flowed a river
The crocodile suddenly jumped in it

French Children Songs - Ah! The Crocodiles

Still that's only from one point of view
And we can't have illusion between me and you,
My constant friend, ever close at hand -
You and the undercover man.

Van Der Graaf Generator - The Undercover Man

Can't we wait 'til Whizzer gets better?
Can't we wait 'til he's out?
That's what bar mitzvahs should be all about!
Good friends close at hand
Don't you understand?

Falsettos (Musical) - Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah

“Why did you silently come here?” When I’m asked that way, what can I say?
If your feelings have drifted away, there’s nothing I can do but silently disappear!! That’s just the way it is, right?!
Now, my senses have dulled, and tears still won’t come. It’s suffocating… But it’s ok, don’t worry.
Our parting was always close at hand. It always had to be inevitable. But I loved you!! Yes!! Yes, I loved you!!
When women fall beautifully in love, they think of nothing else. But for men and women, more freedom is good, too. I’m free now. I can do anything! Until now, I wasn’t really living. But now I get the feeling that from here on, I can go anywhere on my own!

Meiko Kaji - The Day of the Hollow Wind