Санкт Петербург — Питер — Ленинград — Санкт Петербург

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Санкт Петербург — Питер — Ленинград — Санкт Петербург

St. Petersburg was founded in 1703, when Peter the Great seized control of the land surrounding the Neva during a protracted war with Sweden. A simple log cabin – the city’s first living quarters – was constructed on the city’s fortress (Peter and Paul Fortress) shortly after this victory. Despite the settlement’s unpromising location – a swamp – and unforgiving climate, Peter pursued his dream of a northern capital.

In a typically Russian paradox, the city that would later become a symbol of cosmopolitan, enlightened Europe was founded in the cruellest of conditions. Its builders, primarily peasants and soliders, were driven hard; many died as a result of Peter’s manic work schedule. Even the city’s first white-collar workers were ordered there, and they weren’t very happy about it, either.

In 1712 St. Petersburg became the capital and people started coming on their own account. From around 1741, the beginning of Empress Elizabeth’s reign, Peter’s swamp was simply the place to be. The courts of the empresses were graced by the best European artistic, literary and musical talent, and foreign architects, mainly Italian, built fantastic palaces and awe-inspiring churches. St. Petersburg, envisaged by Peter as Russia’s ‘Window to the West’, finally fulfilled its earlier promise.

τραγούδι | Ρωσικά Oleg Gazmanov

Oleg Gazmanov

τραγούδι | Ρωσικά Svetlana Surganova


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τραγούδι | Ρωσικά DDT


τραγούδι | Ρωσικά Alla Pugachova


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τραγούδι | Ρωσικά DDT


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τραγούδι | Αγγλικά Chris de Burgh

Chris De Burgh

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τραγούδι | Αγγλικά Supergrass


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τραγούδι | Αγγλικά Chris Rea

Chris Rea

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τραγούδι | Ρωσικά Splean


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τραγούδι | Ρωσικά Kruiz


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τραγούδι | Ρωσικά Akvarium


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τραγούδι | Ρωσικά Alexey Glyzin

Glyzin A

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τραγούδι | Ρωσικά Vladimir Troshin

Vladimir Troshin

τραγούδι | Ρωσικά Kim Ryzhov

Kim Ryzhov

You are of course right, Alex [@Alexander Frei]

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Может кто - нибудь и про Москву и другие мировые столицы коллекции сделает!!! На вашем примере Диана.

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