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LE SSERAFIM | FEARLESS - The 1st Mini Album

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LE SSERAFIM | FEARLESS - The 1st Mini Album

FEARLESS is the first mini album by LE SSERAFIM.
It was released on May 2, 2022 with "FEARLESS" serving as the album's title track.

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1. LE SSERAFIM - The World Is My Oyster Αγγλικά, Ιαπωνικά, Κορεάτικα 

It is an intro song that opens the debut album, and it is a song that contains LE SSERAFIM's perspective on the world. The message ‘I will make the world my own’ is melted on a sensual bass house style track. The intense rhythm reminiscent of the runway and the psychedelic mood harmonize to create a sophisticated feel. The narration of the members themselves in three languages ​​brings out the mood of the song.

2. LE SSERAFIM - FEARLESS Αγγλικά, Κορεάτικα 

The title track of the debut album. It is a funk-based alternative pop genre song that harmonizes with a bold bass riff and grooved rhythm. Through lyrics such as “Your words to hide your greed are strange, and I don’t do anything like humble acting anymore,” he expressed his aspiration to move forward without fear in the future without dwelling on the past. Executive producer Bang Si-hyuk participated in the lyrics and production, and singer-songwriter BLVSH, who worked on BTS's 'Life goes on', and Destiny Rogers, a famous American pop artist, participated in writing the song.

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3. LE SSERAFIM - Blue Flame Αγγλικά, Κορεάτικα 

As the theme song of HYBE's original story 'Crimson Heart', members KIM CHAEWON and HUH YUNJIN participated in writing the lyrics. It deals with the story of six members who follow the 'blue firefly' that symbolizes desire to 'UNKNOWN', a magical wilderness. It is a disco-punk style song with a sophisticated yet elegant melody that creates a mysterious atmosphere.

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4. LE SSERAFIM - The Great Mermaid Αγγλικά, Κορεάτικα 

It is a song with hyper-pop style vocals added to the synth pop sound. The unique perspective and intense energy that reinterpreted the story of the Little Mermaid are impressive. “I will change myself according to the standards of the world, and I will change the world if I give up.” Executive producer Bang Si-hyuk was named in the lyrics and production.

5. LE SSERAFIM - Sour Grapes Αγγλικά, Κορεάτικα 

A song inspired by the story of the fox and the grapes in Aesop's fables. It is a social media pop genre that combines R&B and bossa nova, and the melody composition that can be easily sung stands out. “When I see you, my heart trembles, but I will never hurt myself to win that love.” It is interesting to see the psychology of pure curiosity about love and the selfish side of valuing oneself more coexist.