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Hello guys,

I seriously want to be a mod. I spend hours on here in my downtime contributing and i've corrected dozens of mistakes already. I am someone obsessed with order and i see a lot of rules broken but it sometimes doesn't get changed for X reasons even though i post in the mistakes reporting forum or comment on the thread of the song.

Please, please, please make me a mod I want to be able to correct things quickly and properly on my own without relying on others to do it for me. I just don't like the dependency because i lose track of who corrected what.

Thank you so much!

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Dear Adelaida, we all appreciate your efforts, thank you. But to make a good mod you need a prior editor's experience. So this might be the first thing you should apply for Good luck! Regular smile

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I apperciate your efforts and we mods and editors try to correct reported things, but please consider that we don't spend all of our time on LT,we have lives outside of LT.
Apart from that, in order to be promoted, you need to be a super member, seems like you're a senior member for now. Secondly, it's the admins who have the last decision on who should be a mod (current mods also nominate users, but it is still up to the admins). As Nadia mentioned, if you really want to help, you should start cleaning the website as an Editor, and for that you should at least be a super member and should be active (you're being active as far as I see now). I hope I was of some help.



Thanks for your reply but that doesn't matter as to what i'm saying. If you make a website there should always be someone on it to make sure it's working or functioning properly right? Just like if you go on twitch (among others) there are always available mods for videos same for this website thats why the more the better because you guarantee some sort of action being done. If it is not you, i understand, but someone else should be there to correct at all times. I am not always on here either I do this for fun. But i am a mod on other sites and there is always someone to checkup on activity happening so nothing piles up. Plus i assume no mods are getting paid for this it's out of passion or fun people do it which is noble and if someone wants to help the website should just verify they are trustworthy then allow them to do so because they get free labor at the end of the day and they make revenue from the website ad activity and so on. As for the rest I understand that means when i reach super member i can apply to be a mod is that how it works and admins decide to accept or not?

Thanks for your reply again.

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Of course we need more people to make the website clearer and better. Again, you should be a super member to be promoted. You could be an editor if you help us cleaning all the crap things.


As for the rest I understand that means when i reach super member i can apply to be a mod is that how it works and admins decide to accept or not?

You don't apply to be a mod, the admins keep an eye on the possible candidates (as I said earlier, current mods also nominate), if you fulfill their criteria, then you're invited to be a mod. I understand your desire to help, but, please, be patient.


No i understand rules are rules what can i say. Just wish there was a way to become faster I want to help out im upset i can only do so much.

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Keep helping us and the Editors and we might consider promoting you. We don't promote users because they want, as we have a lengthy discussion based on user's activity and helping around. That's basically it.

And as both Jala and Nadia said, a good start would be becoming an Editor. But please be patient, if it's meant to be, your time will come.


Sounds good, thanks for your comment.

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