Aurélie ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση


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Aurélie's accent is charming, without a doubt.
And even when she doesn’t say anything, you can still tell she’s wonderful
She doesn’t have to hold off on the teasing
because her hair is the sea and the wind
and even if she were bald, everyone would still be eating out of her hand.
But Aurélie doesn’t get it.
Every evening she wonders
when someone will fall in love with her
Aurélie, it never works like that.
You’re looking for too much -
Germans flirt very subtly.
Aurélie, the men here really like you.
Look down the street – Everyone gazes after you
But you don’t notice because they don’t whistle at you
and if you whistle at them they run away
You’ve got to learn that around here, less is more.
Oh Aurélie, love takes time in Germany
Here, we’re only ready for the first steps after a few days
We talk for a few weeks
And get to know each other thoroughly
And not till then do we go anywhere as a couple
Aurélie, it never works like that…
Aurélie, it’s just not as easy as that.
Words have a totally different importance here.
All the boys, even the cute ones,
want to kiss your feet
But you… you don’t notice that
when they’re talking about soccer.
Oh Aurélie, you say I ought to explain
how on earth Germans carry on their species
when the birds and the bees in Berlin just smile benignly at each other
And don't give a damn about the question of reproduction…
Aurélie, it never works like that…
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Hansi K_Lauer    Τρί, 19/06/2018 - 23:14

>"und erst dann trifft man sich irgendwo zu zweit." =
And not till then they'd have a private date