Contos da Lua Vaga ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Tales of the vacant moon

Living hope
That the blood tames
It comes from outer space
And it makes of our arms
A shelter
That can keep
The victory of the bright emotion
Overcoming all fear
Hand in hand in the street
In a fate of light and love
Come now
There is not much time left
Come with your steady pace
And the face of a child
We have seen far too much evil
We can always live in peace
In due time
Much to be done for the sake of us
We will get through
But we must never forget
Somebody else
That is coming
Plain and innocent to judge us
The enlightened children
Heirs of the soil
Planted soil
Not the ruins of a chaos
Diamonds and crystals
Are not worth such power
Moonlit tales
Or the history of mankind
Vacant moon rises to play
And send your signs
What will befall us
lf we're tired
Of the truth
Of the love
Living hope
That a hand can reach
Come with your steady pace
The face of a child
We have seen far too much evil.
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Contos da Lua Vaga

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