Subway to Sally - Die Hexe ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

The Witch

A flying being, of frail complexion,
rose high above the woods at full moon.
The mists passed by, laughing,
she has been seen, it's not a lie.
She was as beautiful as the day, but now it's night,
the firewood has been collected already.
The village's church has its doors wide open,
the landlord gives wine to everyone today.
They say she laughed when she was tortured,
beautiful as the day, but now it's night.
Well, bring the carriage and get the shrew,
the wood is stacked, and the tar is hot,
the feast can begin, fetch hay from the barns,
and another barrel of wine, then she shall burn.
Reverend, who baptised and wedded her,
he testified she's Satan's bride.
They all sat in court today,
and said she had second sight.
She has bewitched us, fooled us even,
as bright as the day the fire burns tonight.
Well, bring the carriage and get the shrew...
Now only ashes fly, and no broom,
we cross ourselves, because now she's dead.
As beautiful as the day she once has been,
now the sparks dance in the red sky.
Report and to know, for all to know,
the wood is stacked and the tar is hot,
for all the others who don't confess themselves
to the Lord, they shall burn,
those who don't confess, they shall burn.
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Die Hexe

Subway to Sally: Κορυφαία 3
Preciouss    Σάβ, 19/01/2013 - 22:26

Isn't "gesehnt" from "sehnen", not "sehen"? (Thus she was desired, longed for, not seen.)
And shouldn't "rechten Herren" be "righteous men", or something like that?