Biagio Antonacci - Dimenticarti è poco ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

To Forget You Is Not Enough

Come to the surface of memories
In the middle of the ocean
Sprout up as a dry twig
In the vast green of May
In the things that I have taken and changed
You will be and you will remain there
A preserved "I love you" instead should be
Always erased
As well as your beautiful name
Which still sounds loudly
Throw away the gifts, throw away the details!
Frames are empty
If all this were really enough
Everything would be all right
But I am afraid that this time
To forget you is not enough
Forgetting you will be for another life
This one is already full of occurrences and recurrences,
Of your many single hair that I have picked up
In the house and on the road
Of the promises that I have kept only
When it was too late
Your voice is a deep rolling sound
As a ship in port
The expression on your face
Is clear, but not too much
This long covalescence, I hope,
Will make me stronger
But if now something touched me
It would be the void
To forget you is not enough and it has no sense
Nothing moves me from the point you have given to me
There are too many things from which
You have suddenly taken away light and breath
They are pieces of life that I have built
With an effort
Thank you for everything, thank you forever
Better to be hurt than to be a ghost
Thank you for your days of youth that you have devoted to me
Thank you for your brow against my brow
To forget you is not enough
To forget you is not enough
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Dimenticarti è poco

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