Down to Earth

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Down to Earth (Αγγλικά) — sensible, practical, straightforward, modest

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Down to Earth — Someone who is very practical, sensible, reserved in their manner. Their manner is their thoughts, words, and actions.

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Down to Earth — (to be) realistic and practical
Example: You’re leaving school before you graduate? I don’t think you know what you’re doing. Are you sure you
have both feet on the ground?

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Down to Earth — فروتن باش
و سربزیر

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Translations of "Down to Earth"

Γερμανικάauf dem Boden bleiben / bodenständig sein
Ισπανικάprosaico, práctico, materialista
Ιταλικάcon i piedi per terra; semplice
Ιταλικάsenza grilli per la testa
ΙταλικάCon i piedi per terra
ΠολωνικάStąpać twardo po ziemi
Ρουμανικάmaterialist, prozaic, comun
ΣέρβικαBiti s obe noge na zemlji.
Ταϊλανδικάติดดิน (tid-din)
Τουρκικάayakları yere sağlam basmak
Τουρκικάmaddeci olmak