Eat away at

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Idiomatic translations of "Eat away at"

Капать на мозги

Meanings of "Eat away at"


to eat away at smb. (fig.) - to persistently try to affect smb.'s attitude or behavior with constant reminders, scolding, etc.

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"Eat away at" στους στίχους

amazarashi - Monologue 独白

The stain left behind by despair, never to fade until death.

They eat away at our beautiful memories and taint them, so I thought it would be better for all my words and memories to disappear.

Mihran Tsarukyan - Go-Go

So that I may be by your side forever
So that I don't act rough with you
So that I don't eat away at your sanity

Kell Smith - Respect The Chicks

As Frida would say: "I don't shut up"
Along with my girls, I go out to our battle and nothing can shake me down
The cry that was stuck in my throat before doesn't eat away at me like it used to
It's to take that machismo out

Amesoeurs - Human Ruins

Half-conscious that an eye will soon eat away
At the other with an infectious stench,
Awoken by the stabbing pain,
A resigned body silently eliminates itself

Les Inconnus - And Vice Versa

You will must manage
To eat away at your dialectics resentment
Although I am convinced that it is very difficult

Alain Bashung - Venus

In a briny liquid
and with acid
Which will probably eat away at your bones
And then

Amit Kumar - With Eyes

that day will never come.
The remnants or your scent,
do not eat away at my will.
I will become cremated in your breath.

Darke Complex - Wounds

But it made its way up my throat

My wounds just eat away at me
But you won't care until they bleed

Julie Zenatti - I Don't Want You

Like every time, we'll say nothing

I've known the love and doubt that eat away at you
While the boat flows in a sea of lies

Emigrate - In My Tears

Feed your dreams to fishes
Lie about you wishes
Eat away at your time, seconds are mine
Sometimes it seems we're toxic

Grigore Leșe - My Mama Said to Me

As long as I am to meddle on this earth
Come, my dear, my dear
Many evils will eat (away at) me
Come, my dear, my dear

Trivium - The Calamity

I know we are feeling the same thing
The calamity makes its way to the inside
To eat away at our existence

Mariska - Let's Take It Easy

Disappointments, eliminations,
each shall get their fifteen minutes of fame.
Even if you don't want to eat away at anyone's business,
you still take a piece, being obvious to yourself.

Akroma - Wrath

Guilty, convicts, sentence, justice
Without any remorse, those words eat away at me
In my subconscious, nothing is alive anymore