Could someone help me translate what's on this image

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Ημ. Εγγραφής: 08.06.2012

Could someone help me translate the kanji in the picture below?

I was able to translate the simple ones, like 羽 being "feather", 爪 being "claw" and 界 being "field"...but the others are way too difficult for me to do alone. Could someone help me here?

Thanks in advance.

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Ημ. Εγγραφής: 11.01.2011

Hi, Jay2F
I know these Kanji characters, but I don't know what the combinations or the set of them mean.
So I will explain one by one.
羽、爪、界 : You are correct about them.
舞 - danse
篝 used practically only in 篝火 which means bon fire
鷹: hawk(a species of bird)
鳳凰: imaginary or legendary sacred bird
破: destruction
麗: beauty
葬: burial

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