Michel Teló - Humilde residência ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Humble residence (home)

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I'll be waiting for you here,
But answer my phone call even if it's charging.
Todat I am not going out,
Because my car has broken down,
And I have no money.
When you'll get here,
Give me a shout in front of my house
And I will come down running (I'll get you running)
I have no one here (I am alone)
But I'll leave the lights on.
You got my number and adress (I've given you my number and adress)
That day I saw you leaving your house.
When I turned to you you always supported me (gave me moral support)
By saying you loved me.
Now you've changed, gratuated from college.
And I have not even finished my school.
You have changed a lot.
You go first, I will follow you.
I am crazy to hold (have) you.
I will wait for you
In my humble residence (home)
To make love with you.
But I will ask for your patience (indulgence)
'Cause bed is broken and there is no blanket.
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Humilde residência

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