all roads lead to Rome

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Idiomatic translations of "all roads lead to Rome"

همه راهها به يك جا ختم مي شوند
كل الطرق تؤدي إلى روما
Բոլոր ճանապարհները տանում են Հռոմ
Tous les chemins mènent à Rome
alle Wege führen nach Rom
όλοι οι δρόμοι οδηγούν στη Ρώμη
Kõik teed viivad Rooma
todos los caminos llevan a Roma
tutte le strade portano a Roma
Svi putovi vode u Rim
omnes viae Romam ducunt
Alle wegen leiden naar Rome
Minden út Rómába vezet
Всі дороги ведуть до Риму
Toate străzile duc la Roma
Все дороги ведут в Рим
Все реки впадают в море
Všetky cesty vedú do Ríma
Alla vägar bär till Rom
Αγγλικά, Ελληνικά #1, #2, Τουρκικά
Bütün yollar Roma'ya çıkar.

Meanings of "all roads lead to Rome"


I ancient Rome's time all the improved roads were built by Rome so consequently they all were built to go to Rome. That's why 'all roads lead to Rome'. This is today used when all things being considered lead to one conclusion. "There are cookie crumbs on the floor to her room. I guess we knew who ate them...all roads lead to Rome."

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"all roads lead to ..." στους στίχους

AnnenMayKantereit - Tommi

As much as possible
And throughout the world
All roads lead to Rome
And sometimes back to Cologne

Claire Laffut - Strange mixture

We already know everything we don't know
We're getting closer to everything that separates us
Not all roads lead to Rome
You love the Italian way, baby no

AnnenMayKantereit - Tommi

As much as possible
And throughout the world
All roads lead to Rome
And one day back to Cologne

Luis Eduardo Aute - Without Your Heartbeat

There are some who say
That all roads lead to Rome
And it's true because mine

Lefa - Alone

They won't even look at you, they won’t talk to you
Not even to give you directions; man, it’s totally paranoid
To the one who said that all roads lead to Rome
If the end justifies the means, they don't always have the same aroma

Jan Böhmermann - People Life Dance World

To everyone out there: Being different is good
All roads lead to Rome
We're marching to Alaska

Bely Basarte - Rome

Everyone knows that, when walking,
All roads lead to Rome
But the roads lead me to you (The roads lead me to you)

Skinz - In My Zone

When I see sunshine and summer dresses
I know all roads lead to rum and cola1
I'm looking at the bill I just recieved

  • 1. In danish the city of Rome and the drink rum is both called ”Rom”, so there's a double meaning in the phrase, ”All roads lead to Rome/rum and cola”

SWAY - Hype Boys

You're not a bad boy, no, I got a bad boy flow
Cos when in Rome you do what the Romans do
Especially when all roads lead to Rome
You need to stop pretending

István a Király - Rock Opera - Too Late For Desire of Peace

The throne is yours, if you accept what you must do.
A nation is in our hands, and the fate of the country;
All roads lead to Rome, or to decay.

Xavier Naidoo - Latin

I'll either find a way or pave one out

All roads lead to Rome, I'm at the end of mine
I just know it can't go on like this

Comix - Free Love

Not to my life

Nothing's sure, all roads lead to Rome
Look at the ad, we'll send you an apple

Blaumut - 100º

I have a landscape with a door and too many keys

Why do the roads lead to Rome? 1
Why don't secrets weight?

  • 1. This makes reference to the popular saying "All roads lead to Rome (Tots els camins van a Roma)" that means that there are different ways to reach a goal. This saying originates historically in reference to the Roman Empire who built roads all through Europe to connect them to their main city, Rome. Therefore, no matter where you lived, taking those roads you would always end up in Rome

The End Times Spasm Band - I Don't Roll Like That

I can't stand staying still, I can't bear cloudy days
If all roads lead to Rome, I'll make it on the way
I ain't promised you a thing, don't let me hear you say

The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger - The World Was Made for Men

When the fabric of time's
Unraveling like twine
When all roads lead to Rome
And they're no words left to rhyme

Mathilde Falch - All Roads

All roads lead to Rome
There was no way around it
All roads lead to Rome
And the bottle was always empty