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The clouds have transformed into a sorrowful night,
The delicate rain cries for the both of us,
Time is passing, Im loosing hope
Seperation is lord,
we lovers are the slaves
Your hands shrunk in mine
Like a wounded scared bird
flew away from a dead end love
I would have said farewell,
My throat knotted, words lost..
I will never love another
As my soul is lost in my body
Angles will come down from white heavens
They will protect you - wishes, and prayers
As for I, I'm lost in the far end of love in a foreign land
Swaying each day, longing for you.
Now, you and I are an unfinished story,
Walking in different directions, its life,
Like an outcast wind, you flew afar
I, with a fallen rose live for years to come
- if this is living..
We lay in different nights,
awake to different mornings, from now on..
Confusing mistakes with love,
Looking to heal with other bodies
Scaring secretly & Deep..
You should know that I have left the most precious place for your memories, in my wrecked pangs of love
With Sorrows on every strand of my hair,
Lacking the sunlight in my eyes,
I await, for your return to this town
Maybe, maybe one day you shall return,
Look after yourself my love,
Look after your self!
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One of my favorite songs..