Klabautermann ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση


The fog was thick and dense
One could not even see his hand before the eyes
The ship navigated through the sea without a sound
The navigator saw nothing anymore
The crew was full of fear
And they all drank too much rum
So that no disaster would happen today
They sang this old song:
Hey hey hobgoblin - our ship is your home
Huh huh and if you want to we'll all drown in the sea
Hey hey hobgoblin - another glass of rum on this
Huh huh take our word a sailor won't be knocked for six
A sailor won't be knocked for six
The cook has hidden in the cabinet
The mate hid himself below deck
The navigator has goosebumps
And the captain was screaming loudly:
Hey hey hobgoblin - our ship is your home
Huh huh and who fears - all but us
Hey hey hobgoblin - everyone on board knows
Huh huh you're only such an old water ghost
Such an old water ghost
Hey captain - Ahoy - We've seen something - What exactly? - No idea
Is it an iceberg? No! - Is it a white shark? - No!
Is it an atoll? - No? Is it a hobgoblin? Yes!
His laughter goes right through them
Don't touch me, hobgoblin
Draw us into the wet grave
I'm so afraid, hobgoblin
The storm comes up, the thunder bangs
Now it only starts, hobgoblin
The lightning strikes through the night and he laughs
Hey hey hobgoblin - our ship is your home
Hey hey hobgoblin - all talk about you only
Huh huh and the one who hears you
Will never forget your laughter
Hey hey hobgoblin - nothing can happen to this ship
Huh huh we'll never
Never go down
Never go down
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