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Let the dances keep ongoing

Let the dances keep ongoing
and we will hang out in different places
in the countryside, oh boy.
Until this gathering
will unfold like an autonomous village.
Up, in stellar space,
with receivers and antennas,
the Greeks make networks
and history is made
by the closest friends' circles.
George starts:
''We are and we are not,
we are nothing oh boy.''
and little John sings:
''If nothing is written, then something will come out.''
And in the night's glowing light,
here comes Alkis our little boy,
to join old and new paths
in our future's rock.
The sky is on fire,
easy come easy go,
sparkles and circuits, oh boy.
And the shining by the closest friends' circles
is mirrored by the sky
on beaches.
And either with antiquity
or the Orthodoxy,
the Greek communities
are constructing another new galaxy.
Here comes drunken Babis1
And Lydia2who is ashamed
because everyone looks at her, oh boy.
And Achilles and Zoi,
in front of the Polaroid camera
they are smiling.
Then, Ellen the dancer
leans toward Tasos
and, with their eyes closed, they sing embracing each other:
Cheers to the Greek National Team!
Is there something to blame the Parliament?
Is there something to blame for
the Nations' Representatives?
wasted and faceless people, oh boy?
If the head is aching,
it is because of the faceless love
that it has been found.
But my love has a name,
has a body and a religion
and grandfathers in autonomous countries
under the Turkish Occupation.
Let our God save us
Until we'll meet again someday
in wild parties, oh boy,
dancing in circles
and be free
like rivers.
And in the night's glowing light,
our bond would be tightening more,
and it's going to be mixed in fires burning old paths
in our future's rock.
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Ας κρατήσουν οι χοροί

Στίχοι τραγουδιού (Ελληνικά)

   Σάβ, 02/10/2021 - 08:00

The Chinese had uploaded in four columns 1. The original song, 2. The Transliterated and 3. and 4. The two English translations in 2016 and 2020. In their official translated forum of the translated song ''Ας κρατήσουν οι χοροί'' they had uploaded both the two times in English translated song the one submitted in 2016 and the other in 2020.

The proof is shown in the following Chinese link:

Comments Carolyn Carolyn Fri, 16/04/2021 - 17:14 for the translation ''May the dances never stop'' Submitted by ... on Sat, 02/07/2016 - 00:45

This translation is a start, but it needs a lot of work in order for the song to make sense in English. One thing you might want to change is the word "duh" (for "βρε") at the end of the verse: "alternative alleys on the outskirts..." Why "duh"? Do you know what "duh" means? It means something like "you are stupid" or "don't say stupid things." Thus, "Duh" doesn't work at all here. Nor does "dude" later on. In fact, it's probably best not to try to translate the word "βρε." Also, "alternative alleys on the outskirts" just sounds bizarre in English. What about "countryside haunts " or something more lyrical? And "sparky moment of the night"? We might say "sparkly," but not "sparky." I could go on...

Comments ΜίλτονΜίλτον Sund, 29/08/2021 - 18:18''Ας κρατήσουν οι χοροί (As kratísoun oi khoroí)'' / Let the dances keep ongoing

Αt last, just a minute before the wall clock rings midnight at Fri, 16/04/2021 - 17:14, some wise superb English educated translator, who is not belonging to a type ''όλα τα σφάζουμε, όλα τα μαχαιρώνουμε'' felt extremely furious about the internationally linguistic abuse of the translation #1, and as a novice with the nickname Carolyn, because she is clever enough to know that none can make an incognito novice a friend, decided full of anger, being on the righteous side, to rise up with her intellectual status of the highest level and disintegrate verse by verse the ''phony'' translation of our second national anthem because Solomos' ''Hymn To Liberty'' was the first.


''I could go on...''

It is obvious to anyone, that Carolyn, the wise superb English educated translator, has read both our translations because her comments on the 16/04/2021 for the 02/07/2016 translation are written after I have first written my own translation on 16/06/2020, and therefore, as the sun is shining, she had written her criticism commenting the first translation written on the 02/07/2016 after reading and the second written on the 16/06/2020 and it is very interesting that she was not commenting anything whatsoever on mine, written on the 16/06/2020, but she was only harshly criticizing the first one, written on the 02/07/2016.

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