Charles Aznavour - La mamma ( Ισπανικά μετάφραση)

Ισπανικά μετάφραση


Venían, estan aquí todos
Que entendían el grito
"'Ta muriendo Mamá"
Venían, estan aquí todos
Hasta desdel sul d'italia,
Hasta Jorge, hijo maldito ...
Llenas de regalos sus brazos ...
Juegan en silencio los niños
Cerca dela cama u al suelo.
N'importen na' sus juegos,
Sino que son dones finales
A Mamá, à Mamá ...
Por última vez la besamos,
Sus almohadas areglamos
"'Ta muriendo Mamá"
Reyna de las Gracias
Tu estatua 'ta por aquí
Por supuesto que la abrazcas
Cuando canta "Ave Maria" ...
"Ave Maria" ...
Hay tanto amor y recuerdo
Cerca de ti, de ti Mamá
Tantas lagrimas y sonrisas
Por ti, por ti Mamá
Tienen calor los portadores
Por el camino solea'o
"'Ta muriendo Mamá"
Los que catan sangre fresca
Vinos de los odres nuevos
Aún su desorden nos diga
Que la vida es pa'los vivos
Es raro, más no hay tristeza
Cerca de su cama y amor
Hasta un tio guitarista
Muestra su cariño por tocar
A Mamá, à Mamá ...
Se acordaban las dolientes
De cantos tristes de visperas
"'Ta muriendo Mamá"
Con dulzura cerraban sus ojos
Canta como si acunes un bebé
Despues d'un buen dia
Que ensueños sonría ..
"Ave Maria" ...
Hay tanto amor y recuerdo
Cerca de ti, de ti Mamá
Tantas lagrimas y sonrisas
Por ti, por ti Mamá
Que no nos quitarás
Nunca ... nunca ... jamás ...
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I've started this at least 6 times, and every time the internet has gone down & taken it with it. I'm not done, I don't have time today, but I don't want to lose it again, so I'm saving it as is.

"Qu'ils boivent frais le vin nouveau,
" Le bon vin de la bonne treille
" Tandis que s'entrassent pêle-mêle
" Sur les bancs, foulards et chapeaux."*

"Los que caten sangre fresca
" Vinos de los odres nuevos
" Aún su desorden nos diga
" Que la vida es pa'los vivos " *

Spanish version (c) copyright 2013 Stephen Gagne

*This stanza is describing a wake, with obvious Christian religious overtones of "new wine in new wineskins", of death and rebirth. I'll work on this later.

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La mamma

Valeriu Raut    Πέμ, 07/02/2013 - 20:43

Bienvenido Buen Sabor, es un placer encontrarte de nuevo.
Sepas que estás (con tu dirección) en mi lista de amigos.
Voy a enviar más tarde mis sugerencias sobre tu traducción castellana.
Te dejo un rato de mejorarla, como promites en el comentario.
Ils sont venus > Ya llegaron (o: Han llegado)
Un abrazo, Valerio

BuenSabor    Παρ, 08/02/2013 - 04:36

"Ils-sont-ve-nus,-Ils-sont-tous-là." Eight syllables in the original, i.e., eight notes in the melody.

"Ve-ní-an,-es-tan-a-quí-to-dos." Nine syllables already. And that's with me cheating (changing the voicing of the verbs).

"Ya-lle-gar-on.-"(or "Han-lle-ga-do-")"-es-tan-a-quí-to-dos." Ten syllables. And you see what's happening here, where this is going.

It's been a long time since I heard the name Charles Aznavour. I'm not familiar with this song. And I have a ferschtunken broken computer that only operates in a special diagnostic mode, that doesn't allow me to do multimedia or even to run essential programs. So I can't even listen to the song on youtube.

All I have to work with for "song-fitting" and "singability" is syllable count. If some notes can get a staccato-split, I could probably add extra syllables, but you can only overload notes so much before you ruin a melody. (Yeah, the process of musical correlation isn't a talent, an artistic gift; but a scientifically-acquired, measureable skill.)


Now I noticed that the English translation had a comment about the difficulty of translating this song. What I found was that there are definite shifts in point of view, as in a dramatic monologue ... one time the character who's speaking is addressing the audience, the next time, apparently he's addressing another character in the story, the next he's addressing ANOTHER character in the story, then he shifts back to speaking to us, the audience. Without additional storytelling, or adequate punctuation, it's hard to follow those shifts. But I'm pretty sure I nailed it on that count.

Valeriu Raut    Παρ, 08/02/2013 - 13:32

Tienes razón, he mirado solamente la letra, no he pensado en el ritmo.
I'll be back!

BuenSabor    Πέμ, 14/02/2013 - 12:32

Okay, done, finished late last night (early this a.m.),

BuenSabor    Τρί, 22/10/2013 - 13:51

I had to revisit this ... my mother-in-law passed away yesterday at 11am. My wife and daughter (the 1st grandchild) were there ... I wish I could share this with them. But my wife's family is Italian-American ... they have trouble enough with English & have not retained any Italian language skills. Spanish or French are completely out of the question. I guess it's a good thing Aznavour makes a short summary in English at the beginning.

Valeriu Raut    Τρί, 22/10/2013 - 20:02

My dear friend Buen Sabor,
I offer you all my sympathy, after reading that your mother-in-law passed away.

The songs we listen are sometimes our life.
La Mamma, this Aznavour song is tragic and true.
To every one of us comes the day when mother fades away.

BuenSabor    Κυρ, 09/02/2014 - 03:58

A belated thanks for the stars.