Let's Eat Grandma - Deep Six Textbook


Deep Six Textbook

Let's Eat Grandma, in full colour
I was so inspired by the grass, and the street, and the barbed wire
And the stars in the night, and the cat's eyes
We live our lives in the textbook, and letter by letter
I feel like standing on the desk, and screaming "I don't care"
Oh, and I was such a quiet child, oh I, was I?
I bet the starfish wonder
Why we're so obsessed
Why we feel so stressed (boring)
I wish you all the best
You're making me upset (enduring things)
We're heading straight to the east coast
It's just gone bitter
The ocean doesn't care, the waves will curl our hair
In summertime, when days collide
Say, "Why didn't we? Why didn't we?"
Why why why?
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