Los bandoleros ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

los bandoleros

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{Note: lyrics are spoken in slang: this is translating the message not the words}
YO! Tego Calderon, Don omar, the bandits
even though they say I'm a bandit wherever i go
i still give thanks to god for being where i am today
and im going to keep my {tumbao}>>>> {style of walking related to gangsters}
and with my eyes bloodshot red
{with my cats activated} >>>>> {meaning friends ready for anything}
you guys have given it all to me
[Tego Calderon verse]
hey i dont care what they say about that nigga...
william landron and i are partners from the avenue
im a bandit just like that Mr politician
who stole all the money and was elected again {as if nothing}
now if it had been Calde or Don Omar
they would have given us conspiracy
and thrown away the key
and im not an example.
my respects to the tempo
his only crime was to have talent
what do you want me to write?
giberish and lies
about how the D.E.A has me in there sights
im clear and clean
all my taxes paid
and if i have no job they criticizes me that im lazy
i give first rate
and they treat me like im second
but just like that they love it
how this negro zumba >>> {Zumba.. to dish out: in this case rhymes or music }
i am your cuco >>> {cuco is similar to boogieman}
i have the Trabuco>>> (trabuco is a kind of pistol)
im know worldwide as the bad one
[Don Omar verse]
damn what a situation...
i caught a case and then they pointed the finger
i was no longer the king of perreo >>>{perreo refers to the genre of music}
now i was tecato>>> {tecato is a drug user}
and another possible offender
two people said that they should throw me in prison
and i dont see it right.
i dont believe in their ungrateful reform system
i got arrested by to pigs just for hanging out >>> {pigs means cops}
and im here gritting my teeth, enduring , and keeping silent
if no one is perfect then tell me why are you judging me
i live my life just like anyone else would...
do what you like.. and take part in its pleasures
my people! im no different then you are
and if today i am a singer its because you made me...
they threw me on the front pages
"they caught a rapper if marijuana ,guns, and suspicious stuff"
it will only make sense in your mind
when you grow up where i grew up
and you are raised where they raised me
man.. so much gossip hurts me
so much gossip hurts ...
if you dont judge me id appreciate it
the benefit of a doubt is deserved by anybody
[Tego Calderon verse]
listen, people like to skin others alive
some as a profession, others just to spread some gossip {exclusive!}
leave you with out a bone
these social kiss as.ses
that make their living with the suffering of others.
i may not be a saint
but still i stay in clave >>> {in this sense clave means the top of my game}
im here paying for all my wrong doings
and im still here moving constantly forward
anyway that you put it i do less harm then i used to.
what really bothers you is that you doomed yourself
you tried to elevate yourself
but you forgot that
our father watches everything from above
the only one that judges the black man without discrimination
and iv never seen "al mannini van dog" >>> {???}
in the streets or in the alley its that bandit calderon
withholding judgment is appreciated
the benefit of a doubt is deserve by anybody
{Don Omar}
withholding judgment is appreciated
the benefit of a doubt is deserved by anybody
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Los bandoleros