CMX - Minun sydämeni on särkynyt ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

My heart is broken

Hear how it says
leave your face of a child behind
Press your hands into the soil
and stay there waiting for the sunrise
Here the grief is like the poverty
Like a promise of the wasteland
Like a chaulk of the mirages
and the pain remains
Write it into the sand
The sand keeps it's word
Write it into the stream
The water travels to it's home
Write it into the air
The birds take wing
Write it into the memories
They fork like a road
Look where is the wisdom
that built this city
Wrote the libraries
to be full of loneliness
When the wind of the desert
licks your riverbed
and the magnificent sentences
get stuck on your palate
Write it into the light
The light travels to the void
Write it into the evening
The evening becomes the night
Write it into the fear
Fear is afraid of itself
Write it into the words
The word changes into another
When the memory of you doesn't hurt anyone anymore
then my heart will break
When the memory of you doesn't hurt anyone anymore
my heart will travel across the restless lands
My heart will shatter
to travel with the wind
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Minun sydämeni on särkynyt

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