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V・A・C・A・T・I・O・N 悲しいね‥‥
青い海の街角で 小さな胸がときめいて
渚のデイト もうサイコー
Fall in love でもよくよく見てると
二足のワラジをはいている ナゼナゼ
ギラギラと輝く太陽の下の長い KISS
あれはいったい 何だったの
ちっとも うれしくないの
泣けて来ちゃうし もう大っ嫌い!
Fall in love はやく わすれたいのに
それでもボビーに首ったけ イヤイヤ
ぜんぜん うれしくないの
ギラギラと輝く太陽がいっぱい 傷だらけ
ちっとも うれしくないの

Tearful Vacation

What a sad vacation...
On the street corner by the blue sea, my little heart was fluttering
I had been falling for you
It's a totally perfect timing
To have a date on the beach is the best
I was falling in love. But if people took a closer look... my feet, somehow I was wearing a pair of straw sandals
Under the dazzling sun, we had a long kiss
And what was all that for?
It's a tearful vacation
Even if someone comes to talk to me now...
I can't feel the slightest excitement anymore
Give me back my youth, where I can fall in love deeply again
The stars have seen it all
Like when I wrote a love letter on the sand
That was the time when I wanted to feel love like a grown up
And now it has turned into a sad unrequited love
It makes me cry, I hate it so much!
That day I fell in love, I want to quickly forget it
But I'm still madly in love with Bobby. It shouldn't be like that
Under the dazzling sun, I was left all alone
That still feels like a slap on my cheek even now
It's a tearful vacation
Even if someone asks me out now...
It doesn't excite me at all
Give me back my beautiful memory in that summer resort
Under the dazzling sun, my heart was covered in scars
I had too high of a hope, it all disappeared into the sand
It's a tearful vacation
Even if someone comes to talk to me now...
I can't feel the slightest excitement anymore
Give me back my youth, where I can fall in love deeply again
Give me back my youth
   Πέμ, 11/08/2022 - 03:10

Released in December 31, 1992, this song reached #19 in Oricon chart  with 80,040 sales. 


Just like other Mi-Ke songs, I guess it also has a lot of vintage song titles hidden among the lyrics. 

Mi-Ke sang this song in Kohaku Uta Gassen 1992. The fun fact is that this song was released in December 31 1992. So, maybe their performance in Kohaku Uta Gassen that night was the first time they sang this song. 


Their live performance:



I can't find other live performance of this song, but there's this video of Mi-Ke singing medley of their songs, including this song:

^ they started singing this song at 5:27



Mi-Ke have a short but successful career. They formed in 1991 and disbanded in 1993. In that short years, they have appeared two times in Kohaku Uta Gassen, won some awards, and all of 11 main singles they released were all used as soundtracks for dramas, tv shows, and advertisements.

   Πέμ, 11/08/2022 - 23:33

And now all the idols from my translation series before already have 4 songs each. Let's move to the next segment: "Honorary Mention". There's still a lot of idols I couldn't brought out because there simply wasn't enough room to cram all of them into 100 songs, so now is the time to translate their songs. For the 1970's part, I'll translate the songs of 2-3 idols. For the 1980's part, there would be a lot more; a mix of top idols and mid-level idols. I'll even see if there's some small time idols / failed idols / not popular idols who have good song, then maybe I'll translate that too. 

Coming up next...


But before that, check out the "collection" page I just finished, where I put all the idols I have translated so far into a list, each with video of their signature song. Idols from "honorary mention" will be put there too one by one. Check it out here:

Diazepan MedinaDiazepan Medina
   Παρ, 12/08/2022 - 06:15

Well, I couldn't find a complete list of mentions in this song but this song refers to western songs and movies of the late 50's and early 60's

All the Connie francis songs were recorded in japanese by Mieko Hirota or Yukari Ito

V・A・C・A・T・I・O・N - Song by Connie Francis
あなたのトリコ - Irrésistiblement, song by Silvie Vartan
ステキなタイミング - Good Timing, song by Jimmy Jones, recorded in Japanese by Kyu Sakamoto
渚のデイト - Follow The Boys, song by Connie Francis
星はなんでも知っている - not a western song but a Masaaki Hirao song
砂に書いたラブレター - Love Letters in the Sand, song by Pat Boone
大人になりたい - Too many rules, song by Connie Francis
悲しき片思い - You don't know, song by Helen Shapiro, recorded in Japanese by Mieko Hirota
わすれたいのに - I love how you love me, song by The Paris Sisters
ボビーに首ったけ - Bobby's girl, song by Marcie Blaine
太陽はひとりぼっち - The Eclipse, movie with Alain Delon and Monica Vitti. Also a reference to the song of the film "Eclisse twist" by Mina.
ほほにかかるナミダ - Una lacrima sul viso, song by Bobby Solo, recorded in Japanese by Mari Zono and Yoko Kishi
避暑地のすてきなメモリー - That's two songs. "Theme from A summer place" and "Memories, memories" by Joanie Sommers
太陽がいっぱい 傷だらけ - That's two french movies. Plein Soleil and Les Grands Chemins
砂に消えたナミダ - Un buco nella sabia, song by Mina, recorded in Japanese by Mieko Hirota

   Παρ, 12/08/2022 - 08:19

Even those are already more than enough. Thank you very much. So many song titles are hidden in their lyrics.