À nos actes manqués ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

To all the things we never did

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To all my failures, all the things I wasted, all my true suns. To all the paths that have passed me by. To all the boats I missed, my bad dreams, to everything that I've never been.
To all misunderstandings, to all those lies, to our silences, to all those moments that I thought I had shared, to all the sentences we say too fast and without actually meaning them, to all of those that I never dared to say, to all the things we never did.
To all those years wasted trying to pretend, to all those walls that I never knew how to break, to all the things I've failed to see near me, right next to me, to all the things that I should have ignored.
To the world, to its pains and sufferings that touch me no more. To all those notes and songs that I haven't invented. To all those rhyming words that kill me like children who were never bore. To all the things we never did.
To love stories that finished because we loved too much, to faces that we crossed and missed narrowly, to treasons that I haven't really regretted, to people alive who'd be better off dead.
To all the things that happen to us but too late, to all the masks that we should have worn, to all our weaknesses, our forgetfulness, our desperations, to all our fears that are impossible to change, to all the things we never did.
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À nos actes manqués

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