A one-way street

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Idiomatic translations of "A one-way street"

Une rue à sens unique
Игра в одни ворота

Meanings of "A one-way street"


If you describe an agreement or a relationship as a one-way street, you mean that only one of the sides is benefitting from it.

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Une rue à sens unique. Se dit d'un rapport entre deux personnes qui ne profite qu'à l'une d'entre elles.

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"A one-way street" στους στίχους

Luhan - On fire

Smile face and V gesture posing for the champion photos
Like a fat man, can't bend
Can't retreat, just like I am driving on a one-way street
Making the entire universe be our sandbag

Robbie Williams - Angels

When I'm feeling weak
And my pain walks down a one way street
And I look above and I know

Def Leppard - Hysteria

Into you, yeah
You could hide
it's just a one way street
Oh, I believe I'm in you, yeah

Aerosmith - Hole in my soul

I'm down a one way street
With a one night stand
With a one track mind
Out in no man's land

The Growlers - People Don't Change Blues

People don’t change when you want them to.
Yeah I looked the wrong way
Crossing a one way street that day.

Joan Baez - Blessed Are

For you and I are one way ticket holders
On that one-way street
Which lies across a golden valley

Ha*Ash - Wherever you are

Mile by mile
Your trace is no more
The street I walk is a one way street
Now, more than ever, I know who I am

Bobby Blue Bland - Dreamer

Dream on, dream on,
surely someone, someone will understand me.
Down the wrong way on a one way street,
You'd think by now I would have learned.

Dolly Style - Rollercoaster

It's a bumpy ride, going high and low

Join the ride, we're on a one-way street
The sky's the limit, can you feel the heat?

Koza Mostra - Feast

As we fall in our own traps we didn’t learn
Every night, in silence, we hid our pain
I will grab the wheel, I will turnaround on a one way street

Hamza Namira - why did it become so dark*

And from the start, the day is going so wrong
I have to wait for his majesty to pass
while he shamelessly drives in the wrong direction on a one way street.*
why is my heart so troubled

Bushido - Ching Ching

Sh*t on rapping, I have never been a rapper
Since my 7th year of age it was my aim: outlaw
No way out exists, it remains to be a one-way street
And I sink here, because I just sleep on quicksands

Yelle - Girls

All the world has agreed to tell me,
That I am, touched here - where
I will never have to travel on a one-way street.

Giánnis Ploútarchos - Beat, My Heart

Beat, my heart[fn] He's talking to his heart[/fn]
Beat fast, don't be afraid
Love is a one-way street for us
Beat loudly and yell out,

Weyes Blood - Be Free

That you gave it away when you started to care and I cared
A long, long time of mine I waited for you to come around
I found a one-way street, that's me
Still hanging on to set you free, make you believe

Savage Garden - Crash and Burn

When you feel all alone
And a loyal friend is hard to find
You're caught in a one way street
With the monsters in your head

THEORY - Not Meant To Be

No matter what I do you’re always mad
And I, I can’t change your mind
Now it’s like trying to turn around on a one way street
I can’t give you what you want and it’s killing me

No Angels - Someday

I believe we've come to where there's no turning back
It's a one-way street and it seems like we're trapped
In a way, I know that things have been going on for too long

Thomas Anders - I'll Love You Forever

Now I know what my heart beats for

This can't be just a one-way street
Without your love, I'm incomplete

Accept - Stand 4 What U R

Can't stop time's been passing by
It's like living on a one way street
Stop trying to escape from the real world