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Imaginary country

A winterly morning,
Woken up by the breeze,
Here you were smiling at me,
Like Mother Nature would to her child,
Your eyes spoke to me,
You told me "Come by my side",
I followed,
Hand in hand, we flew away
We were so high
Carried by the sweet sirocco
They were lying all these old birds,
Who kept me from believing in you,
Immaculate snow, it was beautiful
The trees, withtout their fluffs,
Were hot
Nothing could reach us,
Oh yes, it's magical
We always eat with some music on
Only followed by our destiny,
Our never ending story,
I Imagine a feast of blueberries,
apricots, wine, my eyes shine
I can barely believe it, I'm not dreaming
All of this is really for you and me
Waters flourish here,
Laugh between themselves, to laugh is a delight
They laugh with a subtle and understanding look,
I scarcely dare imagine
That in the real world
We could live off quarrels
By always throwing a grain of salt in our lives
But it is time to go home,
The awakening from the tip of its nose,
Gently brings us back
Torn apart forever
Oh it is only just a dream,
An animated one, please leave me in our dream, our imagined one,
So that here I rise, and you are by my side
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