Play someone

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Meanings of "Play someone"


التلاعب بالآخرين لمصلحة شخصية أو لإرضاء نزعة. مرادف للخداع
معنى آخر: منافسة شخص آخر في لعبة أو مباراة رياضية

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To treat someone in a manipulative manner. Figuratively using them in a manner like a pawn in chess without regard to their feelings, their liabilities or the long term cost. Only to satisfy selfish needs or desires.
The literal meaning is to engage someone in a contest of sport, or a game.

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использовать кого-л. в своих (часто: корыстных) целях; манипулировать кем-л.

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"Play someone" στους στίχους

Nena Ivosevic - As If I Don't Exist Anymore

warm summer night, eveywhere are chestnut flowers,
I look loud and cheerful people around me,
the children play, someone's hurrying to the home,
it's only me who hide sadeness in my heart.

Lana Del Rey - Get Free

I want to get off, but I keep ridin' the ride
I never really noticed that I had to decide
To play someone's game or live my own life
And now I do

Tich - Obsession

I'll sleep under the rain, you can call me insane
How can a heartbeat be so lost?
I play someone like you all night long
I can sit here all day, just writing your name

Ahmed Jaguar - Isabelle

You will never be like my music's tune no matter how much I try to play[fn]play here is meant in an artistic sense. To play a violin, a guitar..etc. It doesn't mean to play someone as in to deceive them[/fn] you
And no matter how much my despair reduced my hope, I will still describe you
Go around the world [searching] for someone who needs you in his life as much as I do,
Even if I died each time, one time you will be mine

Niall Horan - Since we're alone

The things you think that are left unsaid
Just wanna know where you came from
Why would you wanna play someone else
I love you best when you're just yourself

Maite Kelly - It was never so beautiful

Someone like you is too dangerous
Someone like you is not honest at all
Someone like you is no good for me
Someone like you only wants to play

Mary Black - Song for Ireland

Walking all the day near tall towers
Where falcons build their nests
Silver winged they fly
They know the call of freedom in their breasts

NIIA - Sideline

To flatter, to sender
What's the point if you don't know who?
When you play someone a finished song
It's the caught up, and the demo

Ariya - Burning arrow

The ticket is in your hand, so you can leave the train and go
And not to play someone else's game,
But one is missing, to whom you can show

Celtic Spirit - Song for Ireland

Walking all the day
Near tall towers where falcons build their nests
Silver winged they fly
They know the call of freedom in their breasts