Nacha Guevara - Por qué cantamos ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Why do we sing

If every hour came with its death
If time was a thief cave
The airs were no longer good
And life was only a moving aim
You will wonder, why do we sing
If our people was left without a hug
The homeland dead of sadness
And the heart of the man shattered
before the shame exploded
You will wonder, why do we sing
We sing because the river is sounding
and when it does, it does
We sing because the cruel has no name
but there's a name for his fate
We sing because the child and everyone
and some future and the people
We sing because the survivors
and our deads want us to sing
If we went distant like an horizon
If only trees and sky remained here
If every night was always an absence
and every awakening a disagreement
You will wonder, why do we sing
We sing because is raining on the furrow
and we're militants of life
And because we don't want and we can't
let the song turn into ashes
We sing because the scream isn't enough
and neither the crying nor the anger
We sing because we believe in the people
and because we'll defeat the defeat
We sing because the sun recognizes us
and because the field smells like spring
and because in this stem, in that fruit
every question has its answer
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Por qué cantamos