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Αγγλικά μετάφρασηΑγγλικά

Prejudices (Oswald)

I'm not the person, to talk bad about anyone.
But Oswald, was a disrespectful,
a huge son of a bitch,
an ignorant, liar,
a spoiled miser,
a fucked up ballbreaker,
a stupid, a moron,
a junkie faggot poop
who came from the wrong hole.
Oswald was an ill-judged,
as ugly as shit,
half douche, half asshole,
inconstant, insolent,
a malicious corrupt,
an indecent turd
a fastidious vainful,
a mental deficient.
Oswald was a hazy lazy
an unbearable graft
an abuser a slack
flawful everywhere
such an unpleasent being,
an insufferable stingy
he's an unforgivable
haughty swindler.
I'm so glad I didn't met him
Thank God I never saw him
I never came upon him
I never heard about him
Nor his way of being
I only know that Oswald
was a filthy arrogant
an incurable inmoral
an improper undesirable
no way reasonable
an inexpressive infamous
irresponsable outrageous
undisciplined useless
indiscreet unreliable.
What if he's no longer like that?
maybe we don't realize
don't let him talk bad about me
that even if we're all different
we bleed the same.
Oswald, Oswald, Oswald, Oswald.
Oswald, Oswald, Oswald, Oswald.
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Prejuicios (Osvaldo)

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