Scherbenmeer ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Sea of shards

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you are gravity
you pull me down
you are the rain
and I am drowning
in case you are interested
trying to hate you
suddenly worked
I tried
to take a picture of our good times
glue them in place and cling on them
put them next to my bed
and frame them
but happiness left us
you cannot stop
I throw your picture against the wall
I want it to break
it slips from my hand
now I can only see you and me
in a sea of shards
tell me what is in it for you
if my world goes down the drain
I want to see it how it bursts
into a sea of shards
you are the salt in my wound
you are the thousandth of a second
in case you are interested
trying to hate you
worked flawlessly
I am trying not to lose happiness
enclose it
and freeze behind glass forever
seal it airtight
but you still broke out
I have counted on you
but the equation does not add up
I run barefoot through the room
through the shards of our dream
I want to feel the glass touching my skin
I run barefoot through the room
does not matter I barely feel it
because your picture is never gonna hurt me again
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