Jennifer Rostock - Schmutzig! Schmutzig! ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Dirty! Dirty!

It's not about the tone of the music
Having me in your bed, you're well in with me
And the venus in sheepskin, is that the price?
Then I'd rather do things on my own
They do not see the things which are important anymore
The just talk and talk without an aim
The murder, their service - the prey, my head
And then they sing and dance worshipping the wrong thing
Take your hand off of my hand because it is dirty
I light your diary because it is dirty
Just air and lies, to obey has to be enough
But it wouldn't fair to betray myself
I want more! More! More!
I sell my money, I sell my money
If I am in control and the world lies at my feet
Statussymbols and remaining down-to-earth?
Look, look - the emperor is naked!
I don't hear myself, I just hear the word "I"
Who sells his body? What's left in the end?
I know what you want to tell me
There are thousand flamingos and the sky is pink
Take your hand off of my hand ...
Then I comb my hair and beat around the bush
I shave my teeth every day, put my life on stand-by
Your look becomes stern, the time becomes few - I am not slow
I just need longer
I wish it would be tomorrow, I wish
It would all be over
Take your foot away from my door because it's dirty!
You musn't seduce the innocence because you are dirty!
Take your tongue out of my ear because it's dirty!
I have had enough of your words, they are dirty!
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Schmutzig! Schmutzig!

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