Sea change

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Meanings of "Sea change"


to have a big change in perspective; to undergo a complete transformation; a striking change in appearance.

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преображение; полная трансформация; кардинальное изменение.

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"Sea change" στους στίχους

The Subways - She Sun

The feeling

Sea change
She strange

Sara Bareilles - Islands

And get a little ground
(Ha ha haa)
I'm ready for the sea change
Helpless felt this coming from a mile

Thrice - Sea Change

We scoff and roll our eyes
Yeah, we've heard this all before in a different guise
These shrill alarmist fears
We don't deign to entertain them, covering our ears

7liwa - Mom

mom mom mom
mom mom mom
I will give you my heart and I will live with a lung.
I have a headache momma

Rush - Red Tide

Too late for debate, too bad to ignore
Quiet rebellion leads to open war
Bring a sea change to the factory floor
As the red tide covers the shore.