Shirogane Bara Kitan (白銀薔薇奇譚) ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Strange Silver Rose

A black cat and a silver-eyed girl
were chasing a butterfly in a perished garden
At the mansion's window where a noble ivy is crawling
And the cure of a tired wing that searches for nectar
The lights dissapeared at a dimly lit room
When a rose falls
Tired of playing, the girl and the cat
Returned to their home
They searched for their mother's face
Ah, but no where to be found
Near a fireplace that's not lit up
Tiredly, the girl goes to sleep
And the cat plays with a sad face
One day, the girl and the cat found someone
Behind the rusted door of a room
It was her mom sleeping
In the sinking nest of a frilling spider
The happy girl rushed to her mother's chest
When a rose withers
"Mom, why is your chest red?
Hey, just like roses?
Mom, I am hungry, give me food
Hey, wake up, mom!"
The girl lamented for her fate
When her mother have died
And the cat played lonely
"Despair proves existence
Am I living? Am I dying?
Am I really the one who's here?
I'm darkness, I'm light,
I'm the cold, who am I?
The only thing that proves my existence is my pain"
"Mom, there's a lot of roses in the garden
Hey, aren't they lovely?
Mom, I am not alone
Hey, I am fine, mom"
The talking house always lived
By the girl's side
The silver eyes got smaller
The black cat got near to the girl
And it played around like a spoiled kid
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Shirogane Bara Kitan (白銀薔薇奇譚)