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So light

Come we set us on fire and watch ourselves burning
Living torches, who run laughing through the streets
Come we will turn into dust and let ourselves spread from the roofs,
gonna learn to fly or at least not to regret.
Come we will kiss us awake and double our time
Gild the flaws in the souvenirs, which we share
We've got everything, but nothing that reaches the peak
Come we let go and float free
One message
I'm missed
Don't know where I am
If I'm not with you,
Cause I'm not with myself.
Maybe next to it,
But anyway high above all expectations.
And on the way of anywhere
And under the rims of my eyes
Over the hours of waiting comes up
A calm smile
And despite the hard destiny
Is weightlessness suddenly
So light
And then suddenly is "anytime"
So equal
And everything spins by itself
You only have to fly if you fall
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So leicht

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fulicaseniafulicasenia    Κυρ, 21/12/2014 - 22:23

Thanks for translating! Regular smile Here are a few suggestions:

"Komm wir zünden uns an und sehen uns zu" is an imperative phrase, so it should be something like, "come on, let's set ourselves on fire and watch how we burn."

Similarly, "come on, let's turn to dust."

"Let's kiss each other awake, and let's double our time."

"but nothing that reaches (or can/would reach) to the next peak"

"Come on, let's let go on the count of three and float free"

I understand why you translated "ich fehle" as "I'm missed," but I think here it means "I'm missing" as in "absent."

"Daneben" is a wordplay, since it means both "next to" and "off the mark/astray." "Daneben sein" also means for a person to be in a state of mental confusion or mental exhaustion. But fortunately English has "beside myself." So something like, "maybe a bit beside myself."

The idiom in English is "far beyond all expectations," not "high above."

"on the way to anywhere."

The next few lines are hard to translate because they're not complete sentences. You can do pretty much exactly the same thing, as far as the grammatical structure goes, in English:

gradually forming over the hours of waiting
a calm smile
And despite the hard fate
is suddenly weightless
so light

The last two lines are phrases describing the smile, as far as I can understand it.

I can see why you interpreted it as "schwerelos (sein)." But then I would think it would mean "suddenly weightless/is so easy." Here the "to be" is implicit just as in the German. Now that I think about it, I prefer this second interpretation of those two lines.

And despite the hard fate
suddenly, weightless
is so easy

"Alles dreht sich von allein/selbst" is an idiom implying that everything goes on happening of its own accord, without our needing to do anything. This doesn't come across in a literal translation. I would suggest something like "And then the world turns all on its own."