Sóta ’l cél istelàt ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)


Sóta ’l cél istelàt

In d’öna stala scüra
sóta ’l cél istelàt,
la nass öna creatüra
che ’l mónd a l’à creàt.
La nass a mesanòcc;
apröv a la sò cüna:
agnèi, pastùr, bessòcc.
La stèla che la guida
i Magi da ’l Signùr,
stanòcc a la me ’nvida
sö i strade de l’amùr.
La diss «Gesü Bambì,
a ’l frècc in d’öna stala,
l’ispèta i vòs-cc basì.»
Pié d’öna pass profónda,
ol mónd a l’è in zenöcc.
Chèla crapina biónda
la slarga i brass a töcc.
E la me fa ’l regàl
de ölìs bé sö la Tèra
incö che l’è Nedàl.
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Dialetto bergamasco.
Traduzione di Es ist ein’ Ros’ entsprugen di Michael Praetorius (1571 – 1621) (v. anche qui).

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Under the Starry Sky

In a dark stable
under the starry sky,
a baby is born,1
who created the world.
He’s born at midnight;
close to his cradle:
lambs, shepherds, sheep.
The star guiding
the Wise Men to the Lord,
tonight it invites us
onto the streets of love.
It’s saying, «Baby Jesus,
in the cold, in a stable,
is waiting for your kisses.»
Filled with deep peacefulness,
the world is on its knees.
That little blond head
opens his arms to everyone.2
And he gifts us
with our love for each other on Earth,
today that it’s Christmas.
  • 1. creatüra {creature} is also an affectionate term for a baby.
  • 2. Even powerful people (the Wise Men) are kneeling next to Jesus’ cradle; in typical paintings and nativity scenes (example), the baby Jesus is depicted with open arms, as if warmly welcoming the viewer.
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