Sniper - Trait pour trait ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Still the same

Turning up gently, without making a fuss
With well-sharpened rhymes, homie
Don't bullshit about my life, my music ain't no movie
'Cause no format is big enough for it
Anyway that's no more what I want it to be
I write 16 line verses, like my mate Tunisiano
We kick tunes just like we feel it, and we spread miles of lines
This is Val d'Oise*, bro, so no dodgy video clip
It's plain as always, it's faithful to what we are, 'cause it comes from our place
Listen to how it sounds, it's a good track, we invite ourselves to your place
Releasing a new album, we're like parasites, we'll disturb you
Here we go - I can already hear all those Daddy's sons, they're grousing
They think hip hop belongs to their fathers
Being disliked by all those losers is pleasure for me - is that clear?
Now fuck off, I have songs to record now
I and my crew came here to ruin the atmosphere
With our fucking rap that will give them headaches, brother
Fake rappers are dressed like real ones; real ones are turning fake
But me, I'm like in real life, I have big shortcomings
Our flow is unpleasant, but it's heavy, it's still as violent
A bit like an iron fist in a velvet glove
We're a pack of wolves - what are you gonna do?
S.N.I.P.E.R., a business coming up while you're just slaving away
Roll out the red carpet for the three Musketeers
That's freaking you out, so you're squeezing your teeth and shuting your mouth
Plain, plain
Simple, simple
We take you to our universe, so come on, get in
They want goob vibes
Sounding like sniper shots
We're leading by a length, so goodbye!
Plain, plain
Simple, simple
We take you to our universe, so come on, get in.
They want goob vibes
Sounding like sniper shots
We're leading by a length, so goodbye!
Val d'Oise, like you know, we're still as real, close to you and discreet
Line for Line, man!
One for the show, the chicks and the big d*cks
And for the jerks who think they're pimps
Me, I'm not bragging, just thrilling everyone's karma
Boys or girls, you're welcome to shake your asses
I'm still the same, committed and far from inactive
My laurels have turned to nettle
Man, you're scary, you're evil, your style is too still
Too many rappers's physician is Dr Dre
That's hard to understand; nothing I own is for sale
'Cause some of my business partners are traitors
I'm always polite, I ain't no criminal
Though I have a Taliban temper and my raps wears a burka
Wait for your turn, I'll fool you with my rhymes
I've put love into a tube and converted it into vaseline
MC's speak ill and dream they can use guns
Them fools even had balls for a while, but it was in Roland Garros*!
Loosers are awe-stricken, I have a long way to go
I've been dumbed by the institutions and then the nation, homie
I make my sound like I feel, and our rules are:
To make flawless art without getting big-headed
Boy, I mention my life and my family's
Which I engraved in the beat and engraved in the rock
Plus I've not had any money since I started
I've kept my hood up but didn't drop my pants down
No, I don't want that star system
That bloody grandeur, that breeds hatred
No, I don't think all that is good to me
Needless to say where "bad minds" come from
To be credible you must have a hole in your belly*
Spend three years in jail, talk about girls like about bitches
Have tattooes everywhere and have them re-done every week
Be the prisoner of a role, mention a life that's not your
No, I better like simplicity, humility, naturalness and genuineness
May Djah* preserve and protect me from it
No I won't be involved in that little game
I prefer to stay on the ground and if one day I start flying away
My father will catch my ankles so I don't take off
Carl is Blacko, Blacko is Carl*
Check out my haircut if you know what I'm talking about
No, I don't want to lie to people, nor lie to myself
I don't make it for money, I don't make it to be loved
I just want to stay myself and leave a track
Without being ashamed to look at myself in a mirror
So I stay...
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Σχόλια συντάκτη:

To make it short, it just wasn't easy x_x
Val d'Oise : the county Sniper come from.
Roland Garros : tennis tournament; for the wordplay on "balls".
Hole in your belly : it implies that you've already been shot in the belly.
Djah : God (reggae language).
Carl is Blacko, ... : Blacko's first name is Carl.


Trait pour trait

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