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Historical linguistics, philology, arts in general, acting, reading, teaching, translating, writing, singing...

In my profile picture, you'll find a portrait of French actor Paul Mounet, as painted by Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel (1875).

Λίγα λόγια για μένα

Academically, I'm a major in Languages and a minor in English and Portuguese. I'm a specialist in Portuguese language (focused on its history and Romance philology).

Currently I'm only fluent in English (besides my native Portuguese). I know a little bit of Spanish (I had to study a year of it when I in school, but I forgot most of it). I have limited knowledge of German, Italian, Dutch and French due to me listening to songs in these languages and then searching for what their lyrics meant. I also took half an year of Latin classes back in college. As I don't think I know these languages well, I won't be translating into them, but from them. Also, I'm not European, so my translations will all be into Brazilian Portuguese.

If you like one of my translations, don't hesitate: click the 'Thanks' button, leave a comment or a rating. It makes me happy to know you liked what I did - and that's a way of improving myself.

Best wishes.

Γαλλικά, Γερμανικά, Ιταλικά, Λατινικά, Ισπανικά
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