Två mörka ögon ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Two Dark Eyes

I saw the light in your eyes
A light that still lives there
I remember it so well, my friend, the first time
Wet me, it was summer
And I found love
Two dark eyes and the smile you gave me
And everything was no longer like it was before
The warm feeling that lives somewhere in me,
Changed my life in a minute
Two dark eyes ignited the flames of love
That warmed me and lit up my path
The look you gave me, it felt so wonderful
The summer too long ago, when I found love
There was a song on your lips
A song you taught me to understand
I remember them so well, the beautiful words, my friend
You taught me that summer
When I found love
Translation mine, unless otherwise specified// Översättningar är mina om ej anges nedan

Proofreading and corrections are encouraged// Jag uppskattar gärna förslag och korrekturläsningar
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Två mörka ögon

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