Under the table

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Under the table (Αγγλικά) — 1. To do something secretly, elusively, or illegally. Paying someone for a good or services (work) without reporting it for taxes, or if they are receiving government assistance would be an example. It relates usually to being paid unreported monies (cash). It originates from secretive dealings going on during a card game.
2. To drink (alcohol) someone 'under the table' is to drink more than they can with the result being that they pass out before you do.

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"Under the table" στους στίχους

All my money I'd give for one tango
and one touch from you under the table
Casually looking around me
For your hand playing on my bare neck

Haris Alexiou - For a Tango

I b-b-banged with too
When we'd look at the stars
We liked to listen to Rammstein and Kiss
She usually drank me under the table
Always at once, once, once
Tattooed on her ass she had a needle-sharp 666

Culcha Candela - Wild Thing

We used to be what we used to be yesterday, and what we'll be tomorrow.
We used to be the ones that say "I stay", if you stay.
We used to be the ones who stayed under the table.
We used to be the ones who turn at the door.
We were the first ones blinded by love,

Alejandro Sanz - I bet you won't leave me

How did you know?
It's what I always wanted
Could never have had too many of these
Well you, quit kicking me under the table

I'm trying; will somebody make her shut up about it?

Clams Casino - I'm God

I've been sleeping in his bed
I'm digging in my head
He pulls the cash from under the table
Take that breath and hold it in
Oh it's sidling in, he says

Sarah Jaffe - Better Than Nothing

When I'll be dead drunk
Weak and pathetic
And that you'll see my body
Rolling down under the table
So then, then you can stop
Your resonating songs

Charles Aznavour - The two guitars

Lie to your husband
Rip the invitation, cancel the dinner
Touch me, like that time, with your knee
under the table
Tonight, Anna
In the best hotel

Giorgos Dalaras - Have courage, Anna

I am there for her
(I) am her cat and her dog

lie under the table skrieking (meaning that they have good time together)
What one experiences with her
Others will not experience this

2raumwohnung - Ich und Elaine

When I'm dead drunk
Feeble and pitiful
And you see my body roll under the table, well...
Then you can quit your songs that ring
But meanwhile play

Tereza Kesovija - The two guitars

From the capitalistic monsters

So one steal for people and the second from people
Potential affairs will be removed under the table
Just abide all the rules
Removing dirt is best to behind your back

Tomáš Klus - To the Lord's Windows

That's how it's done at these parties, with these kind of tricks
The love letters go back and forth under the tables (x2)

Throw me the love letter under the table
Write your number, first and last name on it

Giorgos Tsalikis - The Love Letter

A magnificent view
When the tragedy life
Has made a slip
Hidden under the table

It dosen't make sense

Jenifer - Comme un hic

Rip the invitation, cancel the dinner
Cheat on your husband when going to brush your hair
At some better hotel
Touch me under the table with your knee,
My generation, my mistress

Rade Šerbedžija - Don't give in, Ines

Two women holding hands,
Isn't something shocking
But when it's under the table,
Then suspicions arise

Mecano - A woman with a woman

Tear up the invitation, cancel the dinner, cheat on your husband
going to fix up your hair in some fancy hotel
touch my knee under the table
my generation, my lover

Arsen Dedić - Don't give in Ines

Tear up the invitation, cancel the dinner, cheat on your husband
on your way for a hairdo in some better hotel
Touch me under the table with your knee
My generation, lover

Arsen Dedić - Ne daj se Ines

I want , I want that you give me a kiss
but it should be there , under ..
under the table , honey
where nobody see us

Malacates Trébol Shop - Take me

I only know, that I thought, that this was the moment to do something
before we both realized what was happening again.

The games under the table, to progress what never got to happen,
you liked to look at me from behind the cart of deserts,
and to think that things...could be like this...

Zahara (España) - The Ugliest Song in the World

KingOfKingz and I’ve washed in all waters
You bastard applaud, would bring pleasure to me
Come to Berlin, you’ll take your beating
Your girlfriend gives head under the table
It’s Vendetta and I’m a number for each other

Bushido - A Number For Myself

listen to me mami !, don't be cruel
that today I put on carnation perfume and here I'm like a paintbrush to slide on your skin
if there's no a motel ,then under the table, woman, I'm gonna be frank
if you don't give it to me
I'll snatch you

Alejandro Sanz - The little Fight

And darkness fell upon me
and a strong restlessness fell over me
I just threw him under the table

So that tomorrow everybody would say

Aco Pejović - In My Veins

When I wake up in the morning
I will drink the morning coffee under the table
I won't do my hair at all
I will change this morning

Johanna Kurkela - This Morning

i am waiting for something to happen
You can't do anything about this situation
I will never ever leave
from under the table

i'll wait here forever

PMMP - I am waiting

The Wu is too slamming for these Cold Killing labels
Some ain't had hits since I seen Aunt Mabel
Be doing artists in like Cain did Abel
Now they money's gettin stuck to the gum under the table
That's what you get when you misuse what I invent
Your empire falls and you lose every cent

Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck

then nuts and honey, strawbarries and whipped cream...
When nobody is watching u come closer
and under the table touch me gently...

Beauty Queens - Aphrodisiac

His name is Vinzmaier Sepp
He even owns a villa with a pool
If I catch him
I'll hit under the table
Just () but he is unable at all
I'm wondering what she sees in him, baby?

Riegler Hias - Small farmer

Before I have to deal with all those anxious people
The media that's all riled up
Their vile politics
Under the table dealings, fraudulent elections
Corruption, threats telling you to integrate yourself somewhere
But where we are is incorruptible

Assassin - A touch of hope

I'm sorry for who followed me /
Chillin’ with a Filipina, at your local Jollibee /
Yeah, I’m in her ass like sodomy /
So if you see my hand under the table, don’t bother me /
I don't talk soft, that's that other guy /
I’m screamin’ “What the fuck is up?” like I ain't seen the sky /

Childish Gambino - Bonfire

lose the only keys I have
wash my hair in a rainwater bucket
walk my shoes to ruin
I want to drink a man under the table
tire the rest with my talks
leave when I should stay

Scandinavian Music Group - Ready

Outside it's the Apocalypse, the fire, the smoke, the corpses. Mommy mourns her Lebanon and the horror which adorns it.
My father spots some cameras, journalists take advantage of the calm to film the destruction so she jumps into their van, Westbound to where life is going on as usual. Just some kilometers away, on the other side, people laugh, people play.
More than 2000 shells were shot each hour in the East, just like if in the West happiness had changed sides
Traumatized by war, my mother is the most remarkable one, even though every time the thunder rumbles Mommy hides under the table
You make me laugh, Mommy, you're not saying anything but I know it, they all think you're stupid, those French employers. Let me pay tribute to you, so everyone knows that behind me is hidden a couragous woman who bleeds herself to death working. And if I die tomorrow, know that no one on this Earth has the right to take away that crown of flowers on your head
On my mother's head...

Diam's - I Swear It On My Mother's Head

they are overrated! so you can find us in clubs from here until under the clock.

we're drinking your under the table. nexus is behind the wheel. (steering wheel.)

and, homie, if you hang with us i can assure you you will score.

Nik & Jay - Rock 'N Roll

Two women holding hands
it has nothing that might be found offensive morality
Where doubt sets
Is that this act is done under the table
When they are alone
Because they have nothing to lose

Mecano - A Woman With A Woman

So you hang yourself
From stolen dreams
And under the table, you hide
Every stain

Paramore - Throwing Punches

A lightning bolt fills the room,
The underbelly of Paris,
She sings her favorite tune,
She'll drink you under the table,
She'll show you a trick or two,
But every time that I left her,

Stereophonics - indian summer

[Verse 2]
Public enemy: Jacques Mesrine
I don't listen to your record, you rant
Under the table, in private I've got the capers
Smoke trees, eyes Japanese
This is the moon-walking of shrimps

Ghali - Lullaby


I can't take it any longer, leave the sinking ship.
Go out instinctly, drink myslef easily under the table.
Absolutely no problem, I'm young, afraid to miss out on something.
I'm Marsi, I would dance 8 days straight, if they let me.

Marteria - Veronal (Only one pill)

That's how it's done at these parties, with these kind of tricks
The love letters go back and forth under the tables (x2)

Throw me the love letter under the table
Write your number, first and last name on it

Giorgos Tsalikis - The Love Letter/ You're Going To Drive Me Crazy

A guy like me who made his trip to get out, they will tell you that it is the same
They call it life, the rich on one side, the other poor
Lefa know what I mean by dint of being, they call it the system
For cash under the table, should be emphasized
And this woman, the frivolous stories of dosh peated victim of the media
Them they have a very specific blaze, they call it a sex symbol

Sexion d’Assaut - They Call It

i saw drugs from the kitchen alone, that took us to make love
eyes lay on the tv
it was happiness to make them laugh
your safe lap is under the table
your tender hands everywhere
without a friend i stare to your window

Sielun Veljet - L'Amour

The people of the surface can't understand my way downhill.

Something is bright at least in this dark life of mine,
there's a bottle from Tallinna on the table and me under the table.

From the surface everything looks small and pretty and from the bottom everything is much more larger, more beautiful, better.

Happoradio - From the bottom

Finally I have found the words
and I find your hands
under the table
We could still reach something great
Grow a few metres

Kent - Before Everything Ends

But I've been unable
To put you down
I'm still learning things I ought to know by now
It's under the table so
I need something more to show somehow

Vertical Horizon - youre a god

In the house it had just been harvested
From which that joy was this big
A beer barrel on the floor
Hey, whiskey under the table

There wasn't but a few souls in the house

Tapio Rautavaara - Drifter boy

This one's for the girl in the pub sitting next to me
She spends too much on the fruit machine
She drinks me under the table every time

And what about the one from around the way?

Olly Murs - This One's For The Girls

How did you know?
It's what I always wanted
Could never have had too many of these
Well you, quit kicking me under the table
I'm trying; will somebody make her shut up about it?
Can we settle down please?

Imogen Heap - Just for Now

I know that I don't have the right for doing that.
But my naked knee
touch you unexpectedly
under the table.

It's becoming hot, hot, hot.

Trayana - It's becoming hot

I lost my temper
and my soul became restless
so I just threw him under the table

So tomorrow everyone will tell you

Aco Pejović - In my veins

Lose the only keys [I have]
wash my hair in a bucket of rainwater
walk my shoes [so long they get] ruined
I want to drink a man under the table
tire the rest with my talking
leave when I should stay

Scandinavian Music Group - Ready

Before dealing with crowds that turn restless
Media that get excited
Their villainous politics
Under-the-table deals, fraudulent elections
Corruption, threats to have us integrate some branch or other
But ours is watertight

Assassin - A touch of hope

I dropped yesterday, under the table of an organized breakfast
Even with words, and even with my body, I cannot deal with it

A train travels past my throat, and you smile in the back seat, looking at a lovely flower
Don't brave my body!

the cabs - Leland

Your feet under the table
I love it when they’re touching mine
Your hands make the best kind of cradle
To tell me everything is fine
All I see is you looking at me
Do you know when you go

Taylor Swift - Made Up You

No, I did not shake
OK, I am cold, man, draw it mild!
And pass me the pretzel sticks
Don't tell me, you'll drink me under the table
I will drink you under the synthetic turf, bitch!

Alligatoah - Fun

I can hear factions arguing through the wall
I doubt anything will come of the holidays this year

I scrutinise the finger nails under the table
I don't give out that I'm afraid
One has to be fashionable at every moment

Kult - Phony June

A faithful follower of high fashion
with manners of a lion and brain of an ox
charmingly talks about merry adventures
and nudges with his leg under the table


Riblja Čorba - A Valentine from restaurant

One word and I am so close
But closeness separates.
Short encounter,smile instead of saying hello
And a touch of your knee under the table
Picture in the dark,fear of new awakening
And an eye-move, deception like a habit

Eva Braun - Quite an usual day

Drops pour over me loudly, always in the beat
But the dirt doesn't come off!
Shaky steps go to the kitchen
Chop-Chop in the middle naked under the table
and splash in the puddle. Clench the tiny fist
I'm finally like mommy: a real woman

Casper - Father's Day

One to your maybro
Unto your day go
Why I'm the one to drink you
Under the table
And all the ladies that were doing time
Want you to become a member of my drinking club

Tech N9ne - Caribou Lou

Well, if you tell me you can also find some flowers in the story
They're yours
But it's no use looking for me under the table
I'm not there anymore
I took some train, some ship,

Francesco De Gregori - Well

Hey Na Na
There's a ghost under the table
Hey Na Na
I swear I heard him say your name aloud

Ke$ha - Heart Fall Out

I’m a small bean in the basket called world

If happiness was hiding in some corner of my youth
I would’ve searched in the trash can, under the table, in the shoe box
But the things I hoped for aren’t here
happiness is only a rumor I’ve never witnessed

Mad Clown - Hide and seek

Have a litre!
Let your melancholies
Be relaxed
Drink the others under the table
But leave your worries at home
Buy a round

Heathen Foray - Hops & Malt

Red lights are flashing, there's been a misunderstanding
I'm Bruised and broke and bandaged
Through drinking all that brandy
I was, under the table but I came back for more
Gotta hit that bottle but my head hit the floor

AC/DC - Danger

The tiny signals are SOS for love
that smoke from the cigarette that I'm sending you
and the touch of the bare leg from under the table
yes, those are the small golden rules

Nataša Bekvalac - The Tiny Signals

Despite the unbreathable air,
The timed days,
All the frauds under the table
And the priest scandals

Louis-Jean Cormier - The Only Question

Marvelous days in kafanas, oh

I wait for work and wait for bottom
I only notice you and I tumble under the table
This day is just fine
and it is telling me to know:

Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša - Marvelous days

She feeds him well his concerns
He forgets them
And remembers being small
Playing under the table and dreaming

Take these chances

Dave Matthews Band - Ants marching

Where could climb a thief;
But the night passed, here comes a day,
As usual as it is,
And the watchman Sergeyev fell under the table,
Having drunk all the wine to the end.

Akvarium - The Watchman Sergeyev

"There's a guy here with a gun!"
"Ma'am? Ma'am?"
"Kids, get under the table! Get under the table!"

"We are getting in reports, from all around the globe

Skillet - Rise

Immanuel Kant was a real pissant
Who was very rarely stable.
Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar
Who could think you under the table.
David Hume could out-consume
Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel,

Monty Python - The Philosophers Song

Why do you try to get my attention, why do you go after me
From under the table you touch me, you seem so calm
Why do you grab onto me as though the path is slippery
You play a dangerous game, it's making fun of you

Terminaator - Somebody Wants You

And I don't want to love anymore

And then when I bump into you at Kustaa Vaasa
I hide under the table but I guess you noticed me already
That blonde next to you looks like a cheap whore
And I'd spit in her hair if she wasn't so far away

Vilma Alina - Crazies Live in Kallio

I have no choice but to shoot rhymes accurately.
My truth I show it in poetry. I cause earthquakes like in a geodesy textbook.
This is what I live with and this is what I breathe, I'll lather you up and paint you
And my heart beats like a clock, is that right? Like the politician taking money under the table.
A lamp is on during an interrogation for Sarafa.The cops can suck it and their photographer too.
I never confess, I always make them have profit. I'm a notorious shithead from Varna.

Sarafa - What's up

All around France there are tracks of my cum
Make them smoke, so they gon' shut up
My man, my man ! Drink whisky for all the niggas
And all the funniest comin' to suck us under the table
I'm the great bad wolf scares you in the fable
I got 86 childs and 132 women

Lorenzo - Dirty Freestyle

Rip up the invitation, cancel the dinner
Cheat on your husband just to brush your hair
At some better hotel
Touch me under the table with your knee,
My generation, my mistress

Rade Šerbedžija - Don't give in, Ines

Everything blurs in front of my eyes - everything disappears
I curly up in a ball, I hide away under the table
I wait 'till it's quiet, so no one finds me
On the right moment to erase my tracks

Karpatenhund - Is It What You Wanted?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, I don't want to scream

They're already cutting rest of the cake for me
The gifts lie in a heap under the table
Add to that add the shallow wish
The glitter falls from the dead flower they want to give me

Tereza Kerndlová - The cliché of plush

There's nothing wrong
With two women holding hands.
But the shade changes
when they do it under the table
Then, by themselves, nothing to lose:
First the hands, then the rest of the skin.

Mecano - Woman Versus Woman

But the dollies are silly, too much silly...! Over!
The плюшевого teddy is out of breath. The childhood's over!

I won't be sitting under the table any more,
I can hardly get into my coat.
I stand up early to save someone, but to me, but to me – nobody owes anything to me.

Serebryanaya Svadba - The childhood's over

Now from my corpse beams a frigid,
blank grin and once hopeful eyes are sunken in.
Like a lullaby to the cradle is the eulogy to the casket.
All my flaws swept under the table to grieve the porcelain doll that was me.
Their solemn songs sang me to sleep as my body escaped me.
Welcome down into the New World!

The Agonist - And Their Eulogies Sang Me To Sleep

At the tavern table while the music is playing
I am wiping my tears with a roll of toilet paper
I am wiping my tears, unrolling the roll
I am about to fall asleep drunk under the table

Her low forehead put me on flames

Rokeri s Moravu - I am Wiping my Tears with a Roll of Toilet Paper

I tried to stop it but I already know
You are something I should do without
But I won't
I'm under the table
Just keep wishing I'll come out but I don't
You are something I should do without

Banks - Under The Table

And I can hear the band begin "When the Saints Go Marching In",
And by the whiskers on my chin, New Orleans, I'll be there

I'll drink you under the table, be red-nosed, go for walks,
The old haunts what I wants is red beans and rice

Tom Waits - I Wish I was In New Orleans

Whatever you do, you're under intent look -
in the heart of your emptiness is a mental wolf, by your side.
He drinks of your glass, where drunk tears were falling.
Sitting under the table stubbornly and waits for the poisoned dose.


Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii - Mental wolf

Finally i have found the words
And I find Your hands
Under the table
We still got time to blow up
Grow a couple' meters

Kent - Before it all ends

And my pressure, at the maximum
Compresses my critical thinking
It is useless
To play under the table
But you're still not tired
Of having to sell your integrity

Chiara Dello Iacovo - Introvert

As true as you're not French if you don't have a racist uncle
I land like a tsunami
You see scroll-scroll-scroll all your life
Oo-de-lally, I make you go under the table football
Your team is pitiful like an orphanage in Romania

Orelsan - Jimmy Punchline

Tonight it is allowed to be drunk
Do you wanna go home with me if I serve you some alcohol then?
And tonight it is allowed to be a whore
Do you wanna go home with me when we drink under the table?

TIX - The Sheikh 2015

And Kolya Nikolai Ivanovich has been gnawing his fingers for fifteen days now…
Do as she does Death Hunger perform your craft
It costs one hundred sou, in the Trans-Siberian, it costs one hundred rubles
The benches in fever and red flashes under the table
The devil is at the piano
His gnarled fingers arouse all the women

Blaise Cendrars (Frédéric Louis Sauser) - Trans-Siberian Prose and Little Jeanne from France

Blurring my vision
Seeing the same film again
Closer you pull me
Under the table
Sign of how this might end.

DJ Snake - Talk

Tuesday sleeps in a stable
Wednesday's in a chains
Tuesday gathers up the crumbs under the table
Wednesday dare not complain
My heart has collapsed on the tracks of a runaway train

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Sunday's Slave

In this music

I can feel your eyes without looking at you
The waves that I feel under the table
The breath that filled this space
(Get up from your seat and follow me)

Brown Eyed Girls - Lovemotion

then I look inwards and there I see what I want
then I smile seemingly without reason and then I stand bolt upright
Earth's gravity at my feet and I feel the mercy
I don't need, in order to slump under the table ensouled,
to drink anything, because I'm naturally drunk
maybe like Obelix as a child with the magic potion

Reinhard Mey - When I'm drunk

You stupid parents-in-law, phonies, general hypocrites.
The Homeland is not to be sold within the future centuries.

They were making common decisions under the table
and were giving a drop of syrup on the slaves
and the betrayers parents-in-law were shaking the hands

Notis Sfakianakis - Matchmaking

My conscious choice, my protest words
It's a lean dough of my love and I catch it at gas stations
Your look in cafes and grocery stores
This is me being a cashier, a cleaner, a gum under the table in KFC
If you don't believe it, ask a guy with a rugged face

Makulatura - Islands

I want a bad girl (a dirty freak!)
A bad girl (who doesn't just dis-- she goes off!)
Who laughs about what other women are like
Who'll drink me under the table and then jump my bones

[Part 2 a Nico]

K.I.Z. - Bad Girl

The drops drip over me loudly, staying in pace,
but the mess won't go away!
Wobbly steps lead me to the kitchen,
bam, into the middle, naked under the table
and splash, in the puddle. Ball the tiny fists;
i'm finally like mum now, a real woman.

Casper - Father's Day

I know she is beautiful, she goes out with a half of the city
But you, my friend, don't love her.
She can threw you under the table by dawn
Be ready for that.

Projekat band - Watch out!

I wanted to smash a vase on your head
When you woke up and cursed me to hell
While I was in agony, groaning under the table
Twisting in pain, it struck me

Hladno Pivo - I Don't Love You

Hey, don't be quiet
With righteous dream,
Better nowhere,
Then under the table.

Sun, write a letter for everyone you know

Okean Elzy - Dolce Vita

Karyabal mat*

Question - answer: if was bitten - get a medal
If wind and thunder were under the table - be a bed

I`ll be sleeping

Yanka Dyagileva - Water will come

We've got a constitution to guarantee a state of justice.
But what is that for if they manipulate it every way they wish,
Those populists always squabbeling about missions of peace
But are busily ratteling their sabres under the table
There's a gleaming in their eyes when the military's heard
Batallion turn around, marching to the song back to the Reich!

Reinhard Mey - Stay alert

[Verse 3: Orelsan & Gringe]
I'm curious, my conscience always says, "Why not?"
You don't see me in the nightclub, it's that I'm under the table
Oulala, it's a mess, in my head, everything goes wrong
It's the Candlemas to the concert, we upside down the whole room

Casseurs Flowters - Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

And I can hear the band begin when The Saints go marching in
And by the whiskers on my chin, New Orleans I'll be there
I'll drink you under the table, be red nose, go for walks
And the old haunts what I wants is red beans and rice

Scarlett Johansson - I Wish I Was in New Orleans

All I know is that I thought it was the moment to do something
before we realized it was happening again.

The games under the table like a prelude to what never happened,
you liked to look at me behind the dessert menu
and think that things could be like this.

Zahara (España) - The Worst Song in the World

The lights of the street parties are broken
The mulled wine, the dishes gone cold
The once friendly waitresses are now short-tempered
The dogs playing under the table gone

The wedding napkins are torn up

Francis Cabrel - Postcard

I also want a little gun
that opens doors and closes issues.
I want to pay cash
under the table
to some worker Ne'eman Fodelman.

Yehuda Poliker - I also want

Don't I at least have the right
to hold it against you

And now you want to step on my foot under the table
you order drinks only for her
Is that you, my old pal,

Katarina Grujić - Buddies

I shall raise my hand with a knife - it is needed -
Life's weapon, pain's tool - the arrow above your chest.

Without freezing terror, without red puddle under the table,
A bright and beautiful road leads me straight away from pain to freedom!

Olga Arefyeva - Black flute

Everything’s so easy
Hey, hey, hey how are we gonna do this
Let it go, we’ll do it easily
We can do it under the table
It’s fraternal fifty fifty.

Maja Šuput - Hey Balkans

I'm sick of listening to lies from your teeth, I really hate that man
All day I'm high meeting my friends
I know you speak bravely and then run bravely,
3 seconds pass and your girlfriend is under the table eating as fuck

I remember when I started to sing,


So that here I can do what I want
And not have to toe the line
Here the sun is still there, when outside is dark
Here one can see the sun, moon and stars even under the table
Here is one essentially safe
Here there is never uncertainty, not even the future

Fayzen - Paradise

Her ass is like a panther[fn]Well, usually this expression is used for beautiful black women. They are called black panthers[/fn], sunglasses Carrera.
No, I can’t fit in Panamera[fn]Porsche Panamera[/fn]
A very hot girl[fn]Literally – ham[/fn] comes to kiss me
She touches me with her leg under the table. Look at her! O, mother!
If I get her there will be sex until she leaves!

Krisko - Ideal Petroff

I'm trying to cut back
They say everything in moderation
But I'll drink you under the table
I'm not just drunk
I really think I'm in love with you baby

Patrick Stump - Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers)

Love alone is able to save us...

Come, let's blow the pain into the wind. (...to save us!)
Come, let's dance the thirst (to lie) under the table. (...to save us!)

Marten Kuningas - Only Love

Don't get used to me. I don't have time for relationships.
You attract me - and that's it - nobody knows about tomorrow.

I go crazy, I love how you touch me accidentally with a knee under the table,
how you purse your lips, how you drink from the glass,
and how you lick the coffee cream from the edge of your nose.

Ani Hoang - Some Noise For Ani Hoang

Broken, the lights of the street parties
Cold, the mulled wine, the dishes
Quick-tempered, the words of the friendly waitresses
Disappeared, the dogs playing under the table

Torn-up, the wedding napkins

Francis Cabrel - Postcard

When I was lil I was afraid of bogeyman
Mom was scaring me: "He's among the bushes"
When I was lil I didn't know Tonal, Nagual
Me lil was rushing on the startrek under the table


The Vyo - Lil

Do you eat, sleep, do you breathe me anymore?
Do you sleep, do you keep me anymore?

You kick my foot under the table,
I kick you back
I can't say I'm able to stand for you

Lisa Loeb - Do You Sleep?

I know she's pretty, she hangs out with half of the city
But don't love her, buddy
She'll throw you under the table by dawn
Be prepared for that

Projekat band - Watch out

because this crazy head still believes in miracles

Do you miss the champagne and strawberries
the touches under the table when the senses wakes
Again I need someone to keep me warm
because this crazy head still believes in miracles

Neda Ukraden - If the lilac blossoms in winter

(But) do not give up, Ines
Tear up the invitation, cancel the dinner arrangements
Cheat on your husband by going to a "hairdresser" in a better hotel
Touch me under the table with you knee
Generation of mine, lover.

Rade Šerbedžija - Don't give up Ines

It rains on the raspberries,
It's raining on my love.

I hide under the table.
The cat claws a little.
This tiger is indomitable

Charles Trenet - The Crazy Complaint

(Sanz) We were the ones that were yesterday, and the ones that will be, tomorrow
We're the ones that say "I'll stay", if you stay
We were the ones that stayed under the table
We're the ones that spun on the door at the end
We were the first ones that became blinded by love,

Alejandro Fernández - I Bet you won't leave me

I often want to ask you
Sometimes I take my phone
But I leave it immediately
And quickly put it under the table
In order not to hurt you

Stefan Balkan - Are you happy with him

Bitches turn the battle on, in Peter***** is fucking flooding.
Some flat whore is begging to fuck her hard.
But not as hard as Larin******.
I don't fuck trash, she goes under the table.
She becomes squirt of Khovansky in the face tonight*******.
Cause she knows who's daddy

MC Khovansky - Daddy's in da house

when I do, what I do
and where I go

Someone is hiding under the table
Someone who smiles to me
Picks spikes from comb

Eppu Normaali - Part of natural disqualification

But I'm so stupid that I'm fit 4 deputies.
Stop, removed from the fuse,
The guilty verdict on 105 aticle.
The pistol with muffler hid under the table
'N in general, visually, I'm suspicious.
The forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs r evil forces,

Kaspiyskiy Gruz - Tabor Goes Into the Sky

who told us that we are not a good team,
I didn´ t know well who this guy was talking about

We stop playing under the table
we lost the habit and the manners
we wander around the house on sundays

Pablo Alborán - I heal your lips

The place where I'm sitting makes me cold, I'm frozen from cold sweat
Your answer to my giggle is another giggle, this isn't right
You're not saying anything, not a word about your naked toes
They're sneaking up under the table and reaches my thighs
The white moon is burning outside the window, imposing just like you
My mouth whispers: "Come, come" but my conscience is screaming "Leave"

Loke Nyberg - He and Alexandra and me

My treasure you’ve truly got a heart of gold
But you make mountains out of everything
A few crumbs forgotten under the table
And yesterday evening by the way, where were you?

Francis Cabrel - Mountains out of everything

Alelele, you're drinking Jack Daniel’s with cola,
By the end of this night,
We'll be under the table.
Alelele, when we mix our drinks,
Who will make the first move? It's inevitable.

Zvonimir Franić Fran - Summer Twice a Year

He whispers slowly, "Tonight’s the night"
Months of planning, so it’s gotta be right
Under the table her bag is bursting at the seams
She made sure to bring everything

Leo Sayer - Moonlighting

One of these days you'll be
under the covers, you'll be
under the table and you'll realize.

That all of your days are numbered;

Lenka - Live Like You're Dying

Baby, it's cold outside
I'll make it rain presents over you non-stop
Handing over the almond under the table
Then you know I've scored
Baby, it's cold, not cold for us

Page Four - Cold Outside

My friends tell me she's psycho, but the thing is she's so fine
I guess they don't understand but neither do I
'Cause I keep thinking that she'll quit being jealous with time
She always thinks that there's something going on under the table
Always making up movies in her head
Where I'm always on a honeymoon with other girls

Álvaro Díaz - Medusa

We had brought some litre flasks too,
because the old man was extremely fond of wine[fn]literally: "had the fever of Bercy". Bercy is a quarter of Paris where a lot of wine dealing goes on, with large amounts of wine delivered there both by boat and by road from wine-growing districts[/fn]
and on party nights, according to the bartender,
he was the last to end up under the table. (bis)

Saumur, entre-deux-mers, beaujolais, marsla[fn]three well-known French wine districts and one Italian one[/fn],

Georges Brassens - The very old man

Out of the crowd on spot you point me out
We feel alone even though it's mighty crowded
Texting under the table
Hope we don't get in trouble
Hmm hmm, yeah yeah

Agnez Mo - Backroom

Wine goes down, thirst goes up. Wine goes down, thirst goes up.
There was something weighing on my heart; it has vanished.
Wine goes down, thirst goes up. Wine goes down, thirst goes up.
I’m sitting here, but they say: «He’s under the table.»[fn]Literally: ‟I’m here, but they say: «He’s left.»”, meaning he’s so drunk that his mind has temporarily gone.[/fn]

My old ones, my grandpa, my father

Luciano Ravasio - Drunkards