Unión verdadera ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Truthful associatin

it's culcha candela, who else?
for my gang representing all the time
with my rhythm as tough and smooth as a wind
because in the ggo times and in the bad times was with me
and it's what i respect and i live for it
if you're feeling bad take a candle
put in a cd and listen culcha candela
we are desire c'mon move your hips
rapers from the old school i consider from whoever
so now we move up come down spreading love across the town
move yo body to da sound and dance all around
this is how we celebrate what we fight for
so here we go guys we move out of babylon now
here we go guys it’s time fi action now
today cause progress can’t wait
me say culcha candela me friend wicked massive bigmouth
hypocrits and lyaman all me gonna slaughter dem
follow we in this ya brand new area
out of this mess and the worldwide terror
Where di culcha me bring now
there shall be no more killing
now where the culcha me bring
me chant fi unification
of black and white man and wuman
together we shall be strong now
where di culcha me bring it for
through di candela crew
we mix beats and lyrics
like chefs in their kitchens
mixing thingss! delicious!
Korean African Polish and Colombian
we are brothers and thatfor we represent together
Culcha who? Culcha what? Culcha Candela!
armed to the teeth ready for the fight
culcha candela truthful associatin
exsposes the unit that brightes the horizons
always ready to make the shit tight
So bought youself a ticket and comes with us on the flight
not for two not for one but complete mulitshow
with the german with the spanish with english rap style
get your ass on the floor there or just move as if you know
Where di culcha me bring now…
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Unión verdadera

Culcha Candela: Κορυφαία 3
Idioms from "Unión verdadera"
Guest    Σάβ, 09/07/2011 - 13:14

Preparing the source text and translating the lyrics of a Culcha Candela song is not easy. You have to be fluent in three languages--German, Spanish, and English. I am not qualified in Spanish, but I offer a number of comments.

I think the title "Unión Verdadera" should be translated "Real Union" rather than "Truthful associatin (sic; Association)."

Unfortunately, the source text was simply copied from the internet and is riddled with errors.

The opening lines of the song should be:

Unión Verdadera, es Culcha Candela
Unión Verdadera, es Culcha Candela
Wer denn sonst?

Es Culcha Candela, Unión Verdadera
Es Culcha Candela—Wer denn sonst?
As I said, I'm not qualified in Spanish, but these 2 linea don't make sense to me:

somos una berraquera ‘jo’ mueve tu cadera
raperos de la viega escuela yo me mido von quien quiera

Is there a Spanish speaker who can correct the text or the translation?

There are way too many errors to attempt to correct them here. I will add a new translation (based on my corrected lyrics) and ask that a Spanish speaker help me with the Spanish language to correct those portions. Perhaps together we can create a correct text and an accurate translation.