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Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Important Little Words

Rarely do we show others
That we're happy that they're there every day
Everyone deserves to feel like they're someone important
We often keep important little words to ourselves
It's hard to give compliments and dare to say "I really like you!"
That we love food or anything else,
We say it all the time
Why isn't complimenting your friends just as easy?
We often keep highly appreciated words to ourselves
Compliment someone you like and tell them: "I like you!"
We often keep important little words to ourselves
Hug someone you like and tell them "I like you!"
Translation mine, unless otherwise specified// Översättningar är mina om ej anges nedan

Proofreading and corrections are encouraged// Jag uppskattar gärna förslag och korrekturläsningar
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The usage of "man" in this song is referring to a person in general. We would usually use "you" in English in a general sense, but that didn't sound right to me, so I used "we" in a general sense.


Viktiga små ord

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