Vrijedilo je ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

It was worth it.

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As a group of seven we came through deep rivers,
from White (i.e. west) through the heights of a distant land
two sisters so beautiful and us five brothers
and lead by us, a powerful host went
Oh my God, Beauty is all around us!
This will be our homeland, here is to the soul Salvation,
for seven days have we marched heavy steps
and we has come until the deep blue sea
It was worth every single drop of sweat of my face
It was worth because now God itself is blessing us!
While all around bonfires are burning out, fire still burn inside me
of tiredness the body aches, of bleeding callous...
Let it happen, let them hurt: there is not rest
in the path of honor and glory of a people!
When going any further I will not, when I will finally lay
and will God call me to gave the final account,
let's allow Him to judge me freely, as I didn't have to regret any of my day, I'm proud of every of my own deed!
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Σχόλια συντάκτη:

Thanks to Patricia Rotta Lopes for her own traduction, a great work overall, it just needed to take more in consideration the structural brevity and density of such a fully flexive language, here also using a lot of archaisms to match the "back to my roots" music..
So I stretched it out in the last verse of the second and all the third part to make their own and the overall meaning of the song more clear...

Connection between this text and the one of SUDE MI, one of its greatest success and more meaningful song are striking and immediately evident.


Vrijedilo je

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