Кто дал мне это тело... ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)


Кто дал мне это тело...

Кто дал мне это тело
И с ним так мало сил,
И жаждой без предела
Всю жизнь мою томил?
Кто дал мне землю, воды,
Огонь и небеса,
И не дал мне свободы,
И отнял чудеса?
На прахе охладелом
Былого бытия
Природою и телом
Томлюсь безумно я.
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not later than 1896.

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Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Who Gave Me This Frail Body...

Who gave me this frail body
And with it - little strength,
Who tormented my whole life
With thirst unlimited?
Who gave me earth and waters,
The fire and the sky,
Yet did not give me freedom,
And wonders took away?
On past existence ashes
That grew cold and mundane,
In body and in spirit
I pine away insane.
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Ok, I get it that most of you just can't bring yourselves
to pressing "Thanks" when you have already enjoyed
and probably sung an equirhythmic rhymed translation
and then realized that you couldn't have done a better
one yourself. Yet, avoiding this gesture implicitly helps
to promote other, often subpar work on this site. St.
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Equirhythmic poetic translation.
The running meter:
[ -^ -^ -^- ]
[ -^ -^ -^ ]