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  • Marwan Khoury

    یا من بدمعی → Αγγλικά μετάφραση

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یا من بدمعی

آه آه على الأيام
لم تبقي الا كلام
ماضي هوى
و تأوها و تحسرا
لا .. أنا لن أحب سواه
لم يبقي مني هواه
شجرا بدى
في القلب منها تصحرا
يا .. يامن بدمعي تعطرت
و بعتم ليلي تكحلت
و بفيض شوقي
تجملت و تدللت
يا .. سبحان من خلا الهوى
حكرا عليها فانطوى
عمري بها
وتجبرت و تكبرت
من ..من يشتري الاحلام
العمر و الأيام؟
مني فلا كنت
و لا كان الهوى
آه.. آه على زمني
ما كان ينصنفني
فأعزها حبي لها
و أذلني
ما أنت يا قلبي
فمازلت بحبي تنير
تجدو الليالي و تهوى في حالي
و عشق المحال
ما أنت يا قلبي
فمازلت لحبي أسير
رفقا بحالي
ألست تبالي بدمعي يا غالي؟

You who wore my tears

Oh oh these days
They kept nothing but words
A past overthrown
Distortion and yearning
No... I won't love another
Her love kept nothing of me
No trees in sight
My heart became a desert
You... you who wore my tears as perfume
And wore my nights over your eyes
And with the abundance of my care
Got herself beautified and pampered
Oh.. praised be who kept the love
Monopolized for her and twisted
My life around her
And she became an arrogant tyrant
Who, who buys the dreams
And the life and days
From me so I wouldn't be
And neither would this love be
Ohh, ohh for my time
It wasn't fair with me
My love honoured her
And disgraced me
What are you my heart
You use my love to cast light
You bestow upon the nights and overthrow me
And love the impossible
What are you my heart
You are still my love's captive
Have mercy on me
Don't you care about my tears dear
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