Mohammed Nasser Al-Harbi - Ya Wejoodi (يا وجودي) ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)


Ya Wejoodi (يا وجودي)

يا وجودي وجد من ماتت أمه في ايديه
ولا جداه إلا من عروق قلبها ضمها
إلها مدة غاضبة منه، وزعلانه عليه
وفوق ما هي ضايقة، غاب وزوّد همها
من فراقه أضربت عن طعامٍ تشتهيه
ومن فراقه تذرف دموعها من دمها
كل ليلة موحشة من فراقه تحتريه
الدماء في كوعها والدموع بكمها
ما جداها إلا على الله قامت تشتكيه
وتاخذ ثيابه على وجهها وتشمها
مرةٍ تدعي له، ومرةٍ تدعي عليه
الغلا يفرّق همومها، ويلمّها
بعد ما طال الزمن حارت الأقدام فيه
انتهض من حسرته، ثم روّح يمّها
يوم جاها، قال: يمة، وقالت: ليه؟ ليه؟
وضاعت الكلمات والموت ينهش فمّها
والمنيّة تسبقه، تاخذ أمه من ايديه
ولا جداه إلا من عروق قلبه ضمها
كلها باللي بلاني عسى الله يبتليه
أظلم الدنيا عليّه، وروحي سمّها
توها غروٍ مدلع، ولا مثله شبيه
حبها من عاد أبوها بايديه يزمّها
بنت عكفان الشوارب، وبيضان الوجيه
عن شرفها يخرس اللاش قبل يذمها
ان سفهت بحبها، لو أنا ماني سفيه
قمت أغار بحبها من أبوها وأمها
رحت أبخطبها وأسوق الجنيه مع الجنيه
لين قالوا: بنت عمٍ تبا بن عمها
يا وجودك يا شقى، ما يبيك اللي تبيه
الجيوب تقرّها والعلوم تخمّها
وتوجّد وجد من ماتت أمه في ايديه
ولا جداه إلا من عروق قلبه ضمّها
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A poem he wrote to express how he felt when he knew that the love of his life, the girl whom he loved since childhood got married to her cousin.
Poem starts at 1:38

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Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Oh, poor me

Oh, the sorrow I have, is the same as if someone his mother died in his own arms
And nothing he could do but to hold her close to his heart so hard
She has been angry at him for a time
Then he made it even worse, he traveled and left her behind
Because of his absence, she no more craves food
She cries out every night over him
She longs for him every night
She cries out heavily, then wipe out her tears with her sleeve
She felt helpless, so she complained pain to God
Then she took her son's cloths and smelled his scent (2:10)
Sometimes she prays that God punishes him for leaving her
Other times she prays that God protects him from any harm
This mother-child love sometimes lessen the pain, other times increases it
After a long time, he felt lost
And that it's time to go back home, he headed to his mother
When he saw her he called out with passion: MOM!
And she answered him with: Why? why? 1
His mother had a heart attack as a result
The words were at the tip of her tongue, but she couldn't say them
Death was faster to take her soul while she was in his arms, having her last breaths
Nothing that he could do to make him feel better, but holding her so close to his heart, so hard
All because of the person who caused me this pain, may he experience the same experience
Because of him, my world became dark, he poisoned my soul
She was a young spoiled girl, with no alikes at all
My love for her goes back to when she was a little girl in her father's arms
A girl from a decent honorable family
A noble girl with no flaws for people to talk about
She made me feel jealous of her mom and dad
I planned to propose to her, I was saving money for the wedding expenses
Then they told me her cousin proposed to her, and she accepted his proposal
Oh poor me, the one I want, doesn't want me..
I feel the sorrow of the one who his mother died in his own arms
And nothing that he could do to make him feel better, but holding her so close to his heart
  • 1. Why did you do that to me?
“Whatever troubles that soul is reflected, magically, in the poetry. Reading Arabic poetry, therfore, is not an idle excercise. It is a trip inside the Arab soul.”
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This is the translation of the video. First he was asked to tell the story of the girl he loved, he says: (0:17) She was our neighbor, she was around 4, I was around 9, I liked her, I was finding excuses to knock their door and see her. I used not to have breakfast in school so I save my money to take her afternoon to mini market and buy her juice and stuff (0:58). She grew up, and I grew up, we can no longer meet as before (in our culture, and religion, kids of mix genders they play together normally until puberty. Then they can't play or set together as before, and girls cover their hair and sometimes faces from all non-family males). Then I went to college in Riyadh, while I was in Riyadh I was surprised to hear that she got married to her cousin. (1:12) May she always be happy and successful in her new life. The recorder: And you wished she could be your wife right? Poet: Honestly yes, I wished she could be my wife (1:25), may she succeed in her life.
The poet now is happily married to someone else Teeth smile and he says this old story is something in the past and he totally got over it.

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