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New translations

Sunay Akın - Kırmızı
Turkish → English
SYML - The War
English → Russian
Marina - E.V.O.L.
English → Greek
Foals - 10,000 feet
English → Greek
ReoNa - ANIMA (Anima)
Japanese → Transliteration
ReoNa - 雨に唄えば (Ame ni Utaeba)
Japanese → Transliteration
Live On (OST) - Your Light
Korean → Russian

Translation Help Needed

Man with a mission - 1997
Japanese, English → Italian
Sidhu Moose Wala - East Side Flow
Punjabi → Portuguese
Man with a mission - My Hero
English, Japanese → Italian
Man with a mission - Find You
Japanese → Italian
Man with a mission - Find You
Japanese → English
Man with a mission - Babylon
English → Italian
Epica - Unleashed
English → Greek

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