Brigitte Bardot - À la fin de l'été (English translation)

English translation

At the end of summer

You know I've made trips
I've seen other beaches
I've forgotten them
You know I've seen storms
That you see at any age
At the end of summer
So, I would really like to know the reason
What makes me stay there, close to you
Under the rain, tonight
Yet, this beach is the same,
I am no longer the same,
What has changed?
I know, you want to take trips
Forget our beach,
And abandon everything
And alone, I am alone
Searching for the reason
What takes you away from me today
Maybe forever
The rain comes to wet my face
And mix with my tears
That I cannot hide
Yet, I still want to say to you
Again, louder, "I love you"
Until next summer
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À la fin de l'été

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